Saturday, August 20, 2005

UFC 54 Boiling Point: It's Fight Night

It is hard to believe that after a whole summer of anticipation, we are now just 40 minutes away from seeing three highly decorated fights... We are going to get to see if the hype around Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez is true, or if he is "just another fighter." Then we are going to see if Randy "The Natural" Couture is as good of a wrestler as everyone says he is, as he goes toe to toe with Mike Van Arsdale. And finally, we get to see if history repeats itself, as Jeremy Horn goes for Liddell's belt, in the most anticipated rematch in the history of the UFC.

The Ultimate Fighter Middleweight contract winner will go head to head against a well experienced fighter, Brian Gassaway. This fight is going to be the classic bout of, the wrestler vs. the striker, Diego comes into this fight undefeated, and as a former KOTC Champion.

I think that the Sanchez/Gassaway fight can go either way, if Diego (who is a well experienced submission fighter) can get Gassaway to the ground (quickly), then you can guarentee that the fight will be short, with Sanchez coming out on top. However, if Gassaway can shut down the takedown and Force Sanchez into a standup bout, then Sanchez is gonna get knocked out.

The Couture/Van Arsdale fight is going to be an all out ground and pound war... this is a very dangerous fight for Couture since this is going to be the first time in his career, where he is facing a superior wrestler... In all honesty I can't give a prediction for this fight, since it is going to be too close to call.

For the main event we are going to have Liddell vs. Horn, this is going to be a fight where they are both competing for something. Liddell is fighting to keep his belt and to prove that Horn isn't in his league, Horn is fighting for Chuck's belt and he is also fighting to prove that he IS in Chuck's league. Both men have been dogging eachother for months, Chuck says that he is going to test Horn's chin, and Horn is saying that all that Chuck is, is a striker.


Friday, August 19, 2005

My bad...

Alright yesterday, I found something on that led me to believe that Robin Watkins may have been a Transvestite. Earlier today a statement was posted by Robin assuring me that he was not a woman. I would like to extend a public apology towards Robin, as I was not trying to hurt his career as an actor. just mixed up the Actress Robin Watkins with the Actor Robin Watkins and I thought this was a huge lead.

I would also like to extend an apology to Troma, as I was not trying to corrupt or ruin its production, I was just simply posting a fact. I hope that poultrygeist is a smashing success and I wish Troma the best of luck.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Possible Transvestite working on Troma Film!

So earlier today I was working on the poultrygeist post and I noticed something that was cause for maybe some concern. I looked at Robin Watkins profile on and it says that he is actually an actress and the only past credits that I saw was he/she playing the roles of women.

As you can see the picture on the left clearly looks like a man, but in the past was Robin Watkins a woman? And if they do know, does Lloyd and the other cast and crew members know anything of his/her past?

Now I am not here to slander or hurt the career of anyone, but facts are facts, in 1983 on an episode of Simon and Simon he/she played a small role as Young Girl #2 and his/her information is listed as an actress and I just thought that the facts should be known.

A question (more of a scenario) comes to my head, lets say that Lloyd new about Robin's past and knew that he/she was a transvestite (if that is the case) did Lloyd maybe cast Robin to add hidden Controversy to the film, to sort of cause some press around it, and to maybe even sell a couple extra copies of Poultrygeist.

Or is this all just one big misunderstanding?

Raising the Stakes is raising some thumbs!

The other day I was over at a friends house and he popped in a movie called Raising The Stakes, now when the film started to play I was thinking to myself "Oh great another piece of shit in the toilet house" with this I was refering to the lower half of the independent film industry. However this movie has changed the way I feel about microbudget films.

There is nothing that you can't love about raising the stakes, the script is amazing, the cinematography is awesome, the special effect are believable, and oh yeah Zan and Josh have an on screen chemistry that will make you laugh from beginning to end.

Here is the story, two geeks that think that they are vampires, by a potion from an evil genius and actually become vampires... Sounds too good to be true, thats cause it is. You see as vampires they actually have to feed, and since Zane and Josh are a couple of the biggest pansies around, they aren't able to kill anyone.

The film features two very special guest appearances from Lloyd Kaufman (owner of Troma Entertainment and Director of the Toxic Avenger movies) and an appearance from B-movie star Count Gore De Vol, both of which deliver sensational performances.

There are a couple of other off beat characters that I thought were hillarious, these characters include a pissed off Liquor Store worker, and Sex Offender Marty...

I highly suggest that you get yourself a copy of Raising the Stakes... for more info on the film please goto

Liddell Vs. Horn: My August 20th pre fight prediction

Well I am a huge UFC fan, in fact I think I have the same name of some dude that fights in the UFC... weird, but I am really looking forward to seeing Chuck Liddell and Jeremy Horn mess eachother up. There are a lot of fight critiques out there who are saying that Horn is going to be too much for Liddell to handle and vice versa.

If this were a battle of experience, then you would have to give the fight to Jeremy Horn... Horn has got 100 mma bouts under his belt, with over 85 wins, Plus six years ago he beat Chuck at the end of the first round by submission, even though Chuck never actually tapped out.

If this was a battle of pure raw talent, then you would have to almost guarantee the fight to Liddell, even though Liddell hasn't fought anywhere near 100 fights, he has however beaten the cream of the crop of the UFC. He knocked out Tito Ortiz in the second round, in order to get the belt he is going to defend on the 20th he knocked out Randy "The Natural" Couture in the first round, Chuck Liddell is just flat out dangerous.

The first time that Chuck and Jeremy meet up, the sport of mma was just beginning to hit the mainstream (in fact mixed martial arts was just becoming a sport), Chuck Liddell was a kickboxer with one or two UFC fights under his belt and his primary weapon was Kickboxing (he didn't know much about the ground game). On the other side of the Octagon was Jeremy Horn a guy who hand a handful of Mixed Martial Arts Bouts under his belt and was a Jiu Jitsu stylist (not a very good stand up game.)

The first round of the fight (the first fight between Horn and Liddell) went back and forth the first round, towards the end of the round Chuck was on top of Horn, and Horn caught Chuck in a front choke hold... Chuck knew that it was very close to the end of the round so he didn't tap out, as soon as the bell rang the ref pulled the two apart, but something was wrong... Chuck was out cold. The choke hold cut off the circulation to Chuck's brain and Chuck lost the fight to submission.

For everyone thinking that the fight is going to be a repeat (Horn beating Liddell), you have got to remember something THAT WAS 6 YEARS AGO! They have both gotten better, however Chuck has gotten much better because he has gone up again actual fighters, while Horn has been more of a bottom feeder beating the crap out of guys that aren't in his league.

My prediction to the Horn vs. Liddell fight... Liddell knocks horn out early in the second.

Halo 2: 5 new maps + Team Slayer top 5

For all of you Xbox livers out there who can't get enough of Halo 2, I have some awesome news for you. On August 30 Bungie is coming out with 5 new maps (absolutely free) to download, or if you are ritch (unlike the rest of us) you can pay the $15 and download them right now. Although I couldn't get (or should I say) find any screenshots (online that is) for the new levels, I did however see a few pictures of them through Xbox like and they look freaking sweet.

Now that thats out of the way, I think that is time that the following people get some credit... These are the people who devote their short lives to Xbox live and come out victorious, so without further ado here are the top 5 gametags for team slayer:

I W T Steve I



CB Havoc


Every week I will post the best of the team slayer circuit, so if you play Xbox live, reach for the stars!

A Tromatic Musical...

Troma Entertainment (a new york based independent film company) is now in production of a film that will possibly do more damage to the fast food industry then Super Size Me and Fat Actress put together. The name of the film is Poultrygeist, and the story is about a bunch of fast food mega conglomerates who build another restaurant on sacred indian barial grounds... by doing this they make it so that everyone who eats there food becomes a hideous zombie... did I mention that it is also going to be a musical, that is right folks Troma is coming out with a zombie film that is ment to fight the fast food industry, plus it is going to feature a lot of singing and dancing.

I first heard about this film on G4TV when they had the hilarious Lloyd Kaufman on the show as a special guest, he said that he was making Poultrygeist as a way to fight the fast food industry, he also mentioned a book that he wrote called "Make Your Own Damn Movie" so I bought the book and read up on it, and in the book lies the true answer to why the film is REALLY being made.

The Troma Entertainment Head Office (which lies in "Hell's Kitchen" Manhatten) around 10 to 12 years ago got some bad neighbors (a Mcdonalds)... Anyways long story short, ever since the Mcdonalds moved next store to Troma, Troma's basement has been filled with horribly disgusting rats. So I personally believe that this film is being made by Lloyd Kaufman to get a little payback on Mcdonalds.

As far as the Casting goes Troma actually got some pretty good "unknowns" to play the roles of the lead casting, they got such actors as Jason Yachanin and Kate Graham to play the two love birds in the film, oh and then they casted Allyson Sereboff to play Kate's lover, don't you just love Troma's antics?

For more (alot more) info on Poultrygeist! Attack of the Chicken Zombies, please goto

The New Halo Movie

I watch G4 tv alot... and it seems that every 20 seconds they are giving a plug to the new Halo movie, so I decided to go out and do my own research on the project.

Here is the basic information I have found on the movie (thanks to our pals at the movie is said to come out in 2007, and they have not casted anyone for the role yet. They do however have a very talented-well diversed writer, it is none other then Alex Garland (the writer for 28 days later.) As far as a director is concerned, the word is that they are going to get the director of Alien (Ridley Scott) to direct the Halo movie.

Although it is going to be nearly 18 months until the film comes out, many questions are coming up, such as is Master Chief going to take his helmet off? Believe it or not, this is a very controversial, since the word is is that Microsoft wants them to have Master Chief leave his helmet on throughout the movie.

They want to do this from a gameplay perspective (for the future and past Halo games), since it is a first person shooter, Bungie (creators of Halo) want to make you feel like YOU ARE the character that you are playing.

But the biggest question on everyone's mind is, Who is going to play Master Chief? No source of information has been comfirmed as to who is going to play Master Chief, but I am guessing that (if the helmet doesn't come off) that they are just going to use a stand in, and have an Action star do voiceover work.

I am very interested in seeing how this all turns out, which is why at anytime I get new information to the Halo movie, I am going to post it immediately.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Nitro Blitz FAQ

Alright this is my newest and latest blogs... down below are a few questions that you might be asking yourself about this website...

What is Nitro Blitz?

Nitro Blitz is a website where I write about whatever the hell I want... Nitro Blitz is a blog that doesn't really have a category, I will write about whatever the hell I want to write about.

Who runs Nitro Blitz?

I do, me Joe Riggs...

So is Nitro Blitz biast?

No... I am not biast, I look at everything I write about from different angles and post the good and the bad on every subject...

I am not a prosecutor, I am not a critique, I am not a judge, or even a doctor, I am just simply a person who lives in the lower middle class of America, that gives you things how they really are.

So I am a good writer can I be on the Nitro Blitz team?

Hmmm... it all depends on your experience with blogging, if you have some blogs out there send your info to

Thats it for this post, I hope that you enjoy hearing me rant off about other issues of the world... peace.