Friday, September 02, 2005

I am going Hollywood... But not really

Well, I am going to be shooting a movie in Summer 2006... I even started a little blog for it go check it out. All of the info is there and this is the only plug that I am going to give it (I promise.)

Newgrounds To Help Out New Orleans Flood Victims

I just recieved word from that they are going to be hosting somewhat of a fundraiser to help benefit the victims of New Orleans. Here is how the fundraiser is going to work (from the best of my knowledge) popular flash artists from are going to be making internet games and sponsors are going to have the opportunity to put their logos and advertisements in the game. 100% of the money will goto Red Cross, will not be making one red cent off of this event.

If you are interested in helping out with the event (by sponsorship or by offering you flash talents) then email Tom Fulp (owner of I think that this is going to be a great event for a great cause, I will keep you all posted.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Hey, I just got an email address specifically for you people to email me... if you want to give me feedback, a comment, or just say hey, email me at

Sex and Violence In Video Games Part 2.... My Opinion

A few days ago I interviewed three extremely talented video game designers (Tom Fulp, Dan "Synj" Paladin, and Mat Dickie) about their views on sex and violence in their video games. I came to the conclusion that video game designers are just artists trying to show their vision, but I didn't really say what my opinions were because I wanted the article to show Sex and Violence in videogames from their point of view. This article will be showing it in my point of view.

Alright, I have respect for every artist (and their work), I think that if they go through the time of making it, then they should get the respect (as an artist.) I don't see a video game designer as a conglomerate trying to poison the youth of America, I see artists expressing their vision in the form of a video game.

We have had murder since the beginning of time, way before video games, TV, and "the media." The reason why most people love games like Grand Theft Auto, is because it allows you to do things that you can't do in real life. I will admit, that when I am playing Grand Theft Auto and I shoot peoples heads off (in the game), I get a cheap laugh, but I will also admit that after playing the game, I don't feel an urge to kill anyone (in real life.)

I have been getting emails from people wanting my opinion, you want my opinion. The Government and "Their America" need to start staying the fuck out of "Our America's" business. Shit I kill people in video games, but I don't send hundreds of thousands of soldiers to march to their death in a war that we shouldn't be fighting in the first place.

"Their America" needs to learn that "Our America" is a civilized nation of people, not statistics. One more thing, Fuck Hillary Clinton (Just cause she's got a bigger dick then most men) she (or he) doesn't have the right to force her taste into law.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Trent Haaga... Yes (Sorry) Another Interview...

Alright, I know that I have been doing a lot of interviews lately, but I promise you all that this is going to be the last one in a while (or atleast two or three days).

So now back to the task at hand, the other day I interviewed the coolest guy that you could ever hope to meet, his name is Trent Haaga. Trent is an awesome writer, actor, and he will soon be an awesome director in his upcoming projects. He is the writer for a show (I don't know if you have heard of it), it's just a little show on MTV called Damage Control.

Trent wasn't always on top of the mountain, in fact he started from humble beginnings working for little to no pay working for Troma (the world famous Independent Film Company.) He wrote, acted, and assisted direction on the fourth installment of the Toxic Avenger series (Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Four.)

Here is the interview.

Joe: When you first started out in the acting business youdid a movie called Terror Firmer, what is it like towork for a guy as neratic as Lloyd Kaufman?

Trent: Lloyd is exactly as he's portrayed in thedocumentaries. Sure, he's manic and a little insane,but the man's a genius. if you're a dedicatedindividual (and I like to think the I'm one) he's agood guy to work with . . . not to mention the factthat I consider the man to be a personal hero.

Joe: In that same project you worked with "Troma Star" Will Keenan, what was it like to work with him?

Trent: I met Will on the set and, since I had no previousacting experience, he was my first (and only) "actingcoach." I'm still friends with Will to this day andwork with him on the GoKart Films video distributionend of things.

Joe: Do you think that if you ever get in the directorschair that you would consider to use Will in your movie/movies?

Trent: Absolutely. And I think it's going to happen soonerthan later.

Joe: Were you happy with your role as Jerry, in Terror Firmer?

Trent: Hell yeah. Jerry was/is me. He's the ultimate Tromafan and cheerleader for independent cinema. I feellike Jerry represented all of the Troma fans out therewatching the movie, so it was a joy to play him.

Joe: Is there another role that you may have wanted?

Trent: I don't think so. I was up for the "Toddster" rolebefore they decided that I should be Jerry and I'mglad that I got the role.

Joe: Now lets move on to Citizen Toxie: The Toxic AvengerFour, how did you feel when you were asked to writeit?

Trent: How would anyone feel being asked to write a ToxicAvenger film? Honored, pressured, happy and scared allat the same time.

Joe: Did you have to audition for the role of Tex Diaper?

Trent: No, but I didn't write it for myself at all. It justended up that way. I was going to be Producing andAssistant Directing anyway and it was a role that wedidn't have to cast but also one that didn't take upthe entire shoot. I only had to act for about three orfour days and could concentrate on making the film therest of the time.

Joe: I watched Apocalypse Soon... and I saw the roughtreatment it takes as a cast or crew member to a tromamovie... how much did you get paid (all together) forthe whole ordeal?

Trent: I got $750.00 for the script and $250.00 a week to doeverything else. So . . . four weeks of pre-productionand four weeks of shooting . . . that would be about$2,750.00 for writing it and working two months on it.No way to make a living, that's for sure.

Joe: Would you say that Troma was your door way to theworld of independent filmmaking (did being in theirfilms open up new indy work for you?)

Trent: I'd definitely say so. I was working on websites andshit before Terror Firmer and have managed to make aliving in film since then (with a few months here andthere doing "day jobs").

Joe: So Troma movies, are they a good thing or a bad thingto have on your resume?

Trent: Depends on what you want to do. I've had meetings with"Hollywood Agents" here in LA who don't really seem togive a crap that i've done Troma work. Most of themdon't even know what Troma is (or they simply won'tadmit it). But I've landed other gigs (like workingfor Full Moon) because of my Troma experience.

Joe: How did you come across being a writer for MTV?

Trent: I was working as a Production Assistant (i.e. guy atthe bottom of the chain of command) at VH1 on a fewshows and saw a "breakdown" for a new show conceptcalled Damage Control. I asked my Producer if I couldsubmit a "spec" script for it. I wrote it, submittedit, and got a call from New York the next day askingif I'd come on as a writer for the show. Criminallysimple, but I had to really take the initiative tomake it happen.

Joe: Does working for MTV have its advantages when you arecasting and looking for crew members for you upcoming films?

Trent: I simply wrote episodes here at home in Los Angelesand emailed them to MTV in New York. I wasn't around for the actual production, so . . . no.

Joe: When I was over at your website I noticed a crap loadof movies that are still in pre-production or as youlike to call it Developmental Hell... How muchprogress have you made on those films since June?

Trent: Dead Girl's still going to be shot in early 2006. I'mtrying to do re-writes on the Bigfoot project to get adirector attached. Raving Maniacs comes out in Januaryfrom Vital Fluid, Feeding the Masses is available nowand the rest are still in various stages of"development hell."

And that was the interview with Trent Haaga, to get the latest info on his upcoming projects check out his site.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bum Fights

So I was over at this one skate shop the other day and I noticed this little video called Bum Fights Volume 3, so I bought it and gave it a watch, I thought that it was one of the coolest movies that I had ever seen before. I mean haven't we all wanted to see a couple of Hobo's fight each other for a cheap laugh?

I recently spoke with someone in the Bum Fights organization and they answered a lot of questions that had come to my mind, for starters I asked them if they had gotten any offers to break into the official "mainstream." The fact is that they have gotten offers from TV networks such as MTV and Spike TV, but the owners would not settle for anything less than $25 million.

Although I did not get an exact figure (or any figure) when I asked them how much they made monthly in sales, I figured that they must atleast be in the six figures (considering that I saw a copy of bumfights in every skate shop in town), plus I saw it on the shelves at the local Hastings. I asked them which copy that they would suggest (if the customer only had enough money for one), they suggested that you should buy Bum Fights Volume Three.

Now when these bums (or should I say Homeless or Finacially Challenged) fight, I was thinking to myself do these guys have any specific martial arts training? The answer is that most of the bums that they hire are well versed in street fighting and in some cases Martial Arts and Boxing. That is probably why most of the fights are very entertaining and fun to watch.

Although Bum Fights is very entertaining, I wouldn't exactly call it "Politically Correct." I asked them how much hate mail that they recieved and they said that they get "Terabytes" full of hatemail. However they feel that most of it is fanmail.

I would highly suggest to anyone, to go out and get themselves a copy of Bumfights.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Wanna See GOOD Horror Films... Now you can!

Alright, I was browsing around on seeing how many Nitro Blitz links that I could find and I saw something awesome... They are going to make a network channel called The Horror Channel, in which you can see the Horror Movies that are actually scary. However, in order to get this gracious gift from the under world we have to sign a bunch of petitions, which can all be done online.

I have personally wanted a network devoted to "True Horror" for sometime now and if these petitions are passed, then we (meaning I) can finally get what I want. So please goto the Horror Channels Petition site.