Sunday, October 30, 2005

UFC 56: Grounds For An Upset?

I have always been told that America loves an underdog and on November 19th at UFC 56 we will see an underdog fight for the UFC Middle Weight Championship. We are going to see a standing war between Nate "The Rock" Quarry and Rich "Ace" Franklin.

Personally, I think that this fight can go either way, it just depends on who stands aggressive and makes the least amount of mistakes. I think that if Nate can stand his ground and let off some power shots against what Nate calls "Franklins Weak Chin" then maybe he can get a quick knockout. However, I will admit to this 99 times out of 100 that Rich is the better striker (and better yet the better all round fighter.)

I watched a sparring session between Quarry and Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez, and it showed my that Quarry doesn't have two things. First (to me) it really didn't seem like Quarry could stop the take down and second when on the ground he made a ton of mistakes that could have got him either submitted or knocked out.

However, in the UFC Octagon Nate Quarry is 3-0 in the UFC Octagon, he has beaten some very tough opponents very early in the fights. He defeated Pete Sell by knockout in 14 seconds of the first round, he defeated Shonnie Carter (a UFC veteran) in about 2 minutes of the first round, and at The Ultimate Fighter Finale he beat Lodun Sincaid by Referee Stoppage in the second round.

I feel that Nate Quarry is being overlooked in this fight, but in all honesty I don't think that he is going to take Franklin's Belt on November 19th, however I think that he will give Rich his "money's worth" in that fight.