Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wanna Bitch at your Reps?

I just came across a website that allows you to send letters and or emails to your representitives, congress, senators, even President Bush. If you have problems with a lot of current issues affecting our country, I would highly suggesting sending in your letters.

Personally, I say "say what you gonna say" as far as writing the letters, but I would highly suggest that if you have a complaint, that you should give critism that will give them help, just saying things like "That's Stupid" or "You Suck" isn't going to get you anywhere.

You all might be asking, Well Joe, Why are you suggesting that we email our representitives? Because the problem with our generation is the fact that we all like to bitch, but we don't ever do anything to get things done, I feel that if we send our complaints to the right people then we are moving a step forward.

The Website Address is http://mygov.governmentguide.com/mygov/home/

Raising the Stakes Now on DVD

Remember a while back when I did an interview with Justin Channell about a little independent film called Raising The Stakes? Well guess what, you can now buy it on DVD, over at Freak Productions.

I highly suggest this film, this is one of those indys that doesn't have any sex or horrific gore, yet it still keeps you entertained... Hard to believe that Justin Channell works for Troma.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Rocky VI?

It has just been comfirmed that Sylvestor Stallone is going to be making the sixth installment to the Rocky series, according to the plot line I found at IMDB.com, Rocky Balboa (played by Stallone) will be coming out of Retirement to fight for the title against Mason "The Line" Dixon. Rumors are going around that the role of Mason Dixon will be played by World Light Heavyweight Champion Antonio Tarver.