Monday, March 27, 2006

Dick Heads Caught...

So yeah, ummm... twenty seconds after I made the post below, my mummy called me and told me that the two pieces of shit turned themselves in. Their identity has not been revealed, but as soon as I get more word, I will let you guys know.

Help put two dickheads behind bars!

So yeah yesterday my sister and two friends of mine were injured in a car accident, that was purposely caused by two teen jackasses, then they fled the scene (without looking back)... it actually made the Channel 7 local news, you can find the Article here click the article to find out how you can help get these two assholes in jail.

Ksi Global

So yeah, I am a total Halo 2 fanatic... I play atleast two hours each day because I want to start competing in tournaments. One thing I have always been against is Clans, but I will admit that I have hated Clans for no particular reason... I was told by a buddy of mine "Don't knock it, until you try it", so I decided to look up a Clan and join it. So the clan that I decided to join was KSI Global, and I have to say that this is everything that a Clan should be... it has a great structure (kind of like the military) and it focuses on team work and making you a better Halo 2 player... Which is what a Clan SHOULD DO!

Fuck The Smilies!

We have all seen those god damn SMILIES banners, you know the ones where if you accidentally move your mouse over them, you hear the HELLO! or the SAY SOMETHIN! Well, a very talented flash artist posted a movie on that finally lets out a voice against this annoyance... ENJOY!

Kingdom Hearts 2's Much Anticipated Release...

I remember it like it was yesterday, three years ago this dude named Zach and me skipped school so that we could play this new game that he just got... This game of course was Kingdom Hearts. At first glance, I was like, "Are you fucking kidding me? This is a kids game!" But as soon as I picked up the controller I didn't put it down for about six hours, Kingdom Hearts was one of the greatest games ever made by Squaresoft and also by Disney.

How these two companies got together is pretty obvious straight from the get go, Disney wanted to incorporate a game where they used the most popular characters in Japan, and Squaresoft wanted to use the characters from the biggest animation franchise to ever lay foot on American soil.

Personally, I have waited for the much anticipated sequel ever since I first heard that they were making a Kingdom Hearts 2. But will the sequel live up to the success story of the first one? We will find out tomorrow when the game hits the shelves.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Conspiracy Videos that make you think!

So the other day, my sister called me into the room and showed me this video that actually made me think that the leaders of our Government could actually be satanists. Now here are three videos that made me think about our Government HARD!

First one you should see:
This video is gonna make you think, it shows a lot of signs and symbols that you see ALL the time... I will tell you nothing more about this video (its only eight minutes, enjoy.)

Second one you should see:
This movie will kind of get you to believe a lot about what is said in the first video... it just shows how ten years before 911 George Bush Sr. mentioning a new world order.

Third one you should see:
This film is a kennedy assasination movie that co-exists (in ways) with the first video that you watched... this one is long, so I highly suggest that watch the first two before you watch this video because it sort of sets the stage.

Now, you might be asking yourselves, why is this guy posting this information? Well my answer to that is simple, if satanists really do control the white house, then I know that I did all I could to inform as many people as I could... So I won't kick myself and think "Man I should have done something"... Now I have an open mind, which is why the videos made me think... So I suggest that you watch these movies as though you know nothing about nothing!

Fight Night Round 3: Best Boxing Game Ever Made!

So it is official, Fight Night Round 3 is the best boxing game ever made. Looking to your left you are seeing actual gameplay, that is not real life, but that is a picture of the Xbox 360 version. The gameplay is unreal (or should I say real), the physics are life like, and everything you punch your opponent you can see the damage slowly add up.

The only problem that I could see with the gameplay is that the Haymaker punch in this game makes it so that a 1st round knockout is as easy as it is to get a hosting job for G4... I am not pointing any fingers at anyone (cough Adam Sessler!)

But the flaw in the Haymaker punch makes you realize one cold hard fact... YOU GOTTA KEEP YOUR HANDS UP! In fight night round 2 you could go an entire fight and not block one punch (but still not get knocked out), but this game forces you to get your block up and/or lean out of the way of your opponents punches, which doesn't do anything. Anything but make you have to fight like a real fighter.

Another great thing about this game is the Character Creation to the game. If you have a mirror in handy when you use this mode, you can make a fighter that has your face with the body of a god.

The online gameplay to this game is pretty simple you fight one on one bouts with other players online. What I highly suggest to all of you Xbox live junkies is that you actually play the ACTUAL game, before using the online feature... Trust me on this one, if I would have played the actual game I may actually have a record that is better then 6 wins with 14 losses.