Saturday, December 06, 2008

Cosby Porn?

In the grand tradition of porn spoofs, Married with Children and The Cosby Show are going to be turned into porn... I don't know how in the hell you are going to turn the Cosby Show into a porno, but hey... If the Ghost Whisperer can stay on the air for more then a season, then I am sure that you can turn the show about family values into a porno (probably with better acting too!)

Samuel L. Jackson to play Nick Furey?

So according to IMDB and The following clip that played after the ending of IRON MAN... Samuel L. Jackson is going to play Nick Furey! That movie is going to come out in 2010.




Then you would have to be the dumbest person on the face of the planet! 94% of the people who "TRY" meth are never able to quit!
So I one hit might as well be the equivalent of choosing a life of homelessness, crime, and possibly prostitution!


Onch Sues Chris Crocker?

Onch (Paris Hilton's New BFF Contestant) wants to sue Chris Crocker due to a breach of contract.

Gina Carano... IS FREAKIN BAD ASS... and HOT!

Ummm... yeah Gina Carano is HOT!

Want To Run Your Own Country?

Ever wonder what it would be like to run your own country? Well now you can with Nation States 2! Nation States 2 is a browser based game that allows you to run your own country, form alliances (with other country), go to war with other countries, and much much more.


Junie Browning Vs. Efrain Escudero

So... I am not a biased guy... what I said about Junie should have been backed up by video evidence... HERE YOU GO!

Here's the fight:

Here's the aftermath:

There... now you can see his true colors!

Awesome Indy Film Site!

Are you an independent filmmaker, screen writer, author, or comic book writer that wants to gain more exposure for your work? Then you need to go to . At TS you can submit your work and gain valuable exposure, along with CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM on your work... go check it out.....


A year ago...

Arby's ran out of roast beef... I gave them a piece of my mind.

Arbies rant

Draining Cauliflower Ear

Season 8, Ultimate Fighter Quarter Finalist, Shane Primm shows how to drain Cauliflower Ear.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Morel Orel...

Holy crap this show is messed up!

Another Eye Sore In History...

Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson.... TOGETHER.

Vanilla Ice...

Another Eye Sore in History..... TAKE THAT WHITE PEOPLE!

Before South Park...

Matt Stone and Trey Parker had made a Musical about a local legend in their town named Alfred Packer... Check out the trailer below... in fact... GO SEE THE MOVIE!

Real Life Mario Kart?

Steve Mobs from MAPPLE!


Urgent Message from Lloyd Kaufman


Ban on guns in national parks eased

People will soon be able to carry concealed, loaded guns in most national parks and wildlife refuges.

The Bush administration said Friday it is overturning a 25-year-old federal rule that severely restricts loaded guns in national parks.

Under a rule to take effect in January, visitors will be able to carry a loaded gun into a park or wildlife refuge — but only if the person has a permit for a concealed weapon and if the state where the park or refuge is located also allows concealed firearms.

This is going to be a fucking idiotic move. Stupid rednecks are going to end up killing everything they can. Murderers and rapist are going to end up terrorizing innocent civilians. This is dumb, I think they need to go back 25 years and remind themselves the reason this went into law in the first place.

Looking to get shredded up for the summer?

So, I have been getting a lot of messages on myspace about working out advice, highly due to the fact that not so long ago, I was a personal trainer. I have trained college level athletes, mixed martial artists, bodybuilders, and average everyday people... AKA you people that are reading this article right now. Pretty much the summer is about three months away and everybody wants to get that beach body!

There is no magical formula that is going to get you where you want to be, just hard work, strict dieting, and intense work outs! So before I get to the weightlifting aspects, let me tell you what you can no longer eat (if you are serious about getting where you want to be):





If you follow the three general rules above, you are going to cut down your calorie/fat intake dramatically which is going to help you get shredded. Now Here are some things that you should be eating.

1. Chicken 2. Beef 3. Tuna 4. Fruits and Vegetables 5. Beans 6. Nuts (NOT THOSE KIND OF NUTS YOU PERVERT!)

A Protein-Rich diet will build up your lean muscle mass, while shedding off fat! Now I know that you are probably asking, "Well, how much protein do I need to consume?" Well the answer is simple.

Take your body weight... and whatever you weigh, eat one gram of protein for each pound of muscle in your body.

Your next answer is probably, "Dude, I weigh like 200 pounds! How am I suppose to eat that much in one day!?" Well you take that 200 pounds and you divide it into 6-8 meals per day. BOOM!

Now, there are also a few things that you can do to speed up your results... these are called supplements. Supplements as in dietary supplement not as in Magical Pill that will make you buff over night. Below are some supplements that I have used in the past and they helped me out... I think they can help you out too.

The first supplement, I would like to bring to your attention is called NO EXPLODE. When you work out, you experience something called "THE PUMP". "The Pump" is a simple way of explaining, blood rushing through your veins... NO EXPLODE helps to push more blood throughout your body, which helps you push more weight, and it also helps your body to transport nutrients to your body quicker.


The second supplement that I would like to bring to your attention is Cell Mass! Cell Mass is a brand of Creatine... what creatine does is put water in your muscle fibers, which in turn makes them bigger, and it also helps to expand the amount of protein that can be absorbed by your muscles.

Take it after your workout... get your water intake up to atleast a gallon a day while taking it...

The third one is possibly the most important one of them all. I will be honest, it is hard to get your protein intake up to the needed amount with just food alone, plus it also gets spendy with just food alone, and also time consuming. OPTIMUM WHEY gives you 23 grams of protein per serving and it comes with about 150 servings per container! It is also low calorie, which is going to help you get that shredded up "300 LOOK"!

I would strongly suggest taking the forth supplement if you don't like being sore! Glutamine Powder helps your muscles recover faster! That's all you need to know!

XTEST is a natural Testosterone booster... it is 100% safe... 100% legal/over the counter, and it will help you become stronger and leaner, by naturally increasing your testosterone levels!

NOW, for the time you have all been finally waiting for... THE WORK OUT! YAY! Okay... even though I am a huge crossfit enthusiast, I believe that crossfit is the best ATHLETIC training program, but it really isn't the best for building a fitness model style physique. In all honesty when it comes to working out for a physique, my best advice is to stick with the basics! So here is a workout regiment that I think would work best for you...

Monday- Chest/Cardio

Workout 1- 45 minutes of any type of cardio... I.E. Swimming, Running, Cycling, etc.

Workout 2- Chest

Bench Press 4x 20

Incline Bench Press 4x 20

Decline Bench Press 4x20

Dumbell Pullover 3x15

Dumbell Flyes 3x20

Tuesday- Back

Workout 1:

Seated Rows 4x20

Moderate Weighted Deadlifts 4x20

Lat Pull Downs (Wide Grip) 4x20

Lat Pull Downs (Chin up Grip) 3x20

Back Extensions 4x 20

Wednesday- Shoulders/Cardio

Workout 1: 45 Minutes of Cardio

Workout 2:

Military Press 4x25

Arnold Press 4x20

Side Raises 4x20

Rear Delt Extension Machine 4x25

Upright Rows 3x20

Barbell Shoulder Shrugs 4x20

Thursday- ARMS

Workout 1:

Barbell Curls 4x20

Dumbell Curls 4x20

Preacher Curls 4x20

Dips 4x 10-20 (Depending on your physical conditioning)

Skull Crushers 3x 20

Rope Extensions 4x20

Reverse Curls 4x20

Wrist Curls 4x20

Friday: Legs/Abs/Cardio

Workout 1: 45 Minutes of Cardio

Workout 2:

Squats 4x20

Leg Curls 4x20

Leg Extensions 4x20

Calf Raises 4x20

Situps 4x 25

Leg Raises 4x25

Twisting Crunches 4x25

Saturday and Sunday are off days.

Stick to this routine and I guarentee that you will be shredded come beach season!

Sea Pic of the Week

Since about 85 percent of my time is spent out to sea (until Nov 15,2009 when I can officially say I am a civilian again) from time to time I will post some pictures I have taken in the middle of nowhere.

Vimeo Video of the Day

The Tale of How from Shy the Sun on Vimeo.

What I'm Drinking (non-alcoholic)

I got a box of Tazo Tea from a friend a while back and just recently started drinking it every morning. I find that the mornings I actually have time to sit down for about 10-15 minutes and drink this great stuff and think about what I have going on for the day usually lead into more productive and less-stressful days. I prefer making mine at home or work, but this is the same company Starbucks uses for making their tea.

Infectious Stickers 4 All a new company that makes tough vinyl stickers for people who want to customize their cars is now making that same product for walls, laptops and iPhones. 10.00 can turn your dull looking electronics looking like pieces of art. I’m hoping that my G1 phone takes off like the iPhone, so that companies like this will start making billions upon billions of things to buy for it. I might try and get one of the wall stickers once I move into my new apartment in Seattle later this month.

Kevin Rose's Top 10 Gifts for Geeks

Stole this one, but they are all good picks! Thanks Kevin Rose...

It's that time of year, all of us are looking for great gift ideas. Here are my top ten gifts for geeks - happy holidays!

#1. Amazon Music (DRM free) Gift Certificate (via skoles) $15-$100
#2. Tiny 8GB Washer/Dryer Safe USB Drive $12
#3. Roku Streaming Netflix Player $99 (for Netflix geeks that don't have an XBOX 360)
#4. Arduino $34 (great for geeks getting into electronics)
#5. FlipMinoHD $149-$229 (Flip cameras are easy, fun, and great for shooting internet video)
#6. Zuca Pro Luggage $285 (for geeks that travel)
#7. Epson Artisan 800 $230 (the ultimate wireless home office machine)
#8. Drobo $349-$999 (backup/storage for media geeks)
#9. 19-in-1 Micro Tool $12
#10. Casio EX-F1 Slow Motion Camera $964 (Amazon)

King of Thailand Turns 81

Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadejturned 81 Friday. The King is probably the most respected leader of any country. When I was Thailand, his picture was on 1 out of 3 billboards; in every store, bar, whore house and any & every place in between. During our “what to do/what not to do” speech with the ship, I learned that about a year ago (2007) a man was sent to 10 years in prison when he drunkenly drew a mustache on a picture of the King. Could you imagine if America was like that? Every day the headlines would be "A Man Was Arrest for Having an Impeach Bush Bumper Sticker” Another reason democracy is good for all.

Cuba Open To Talks With President-Elect

Fidel Castro, former Cuban leader, has said that his country is open to talks with President-Elect Barack Obama. This is actually two news stories:
1) Fidel Castro is no longer the leader of Cuba?! When the fuck did this happen??
2) Barack Obama is the best thing to happen to us! When I was overseas, the first thing every cab driver would say was "Barack Obama huh? He is good!" They all loved him and knew more about his issues then I did. I think it shows the world that not all Americans are redneck racists who can't fucking talk.

Karaoke Stabbing in Malaysia

A Malaysian man was stabbed to death after he refused to stop singing at a karaoke bar. This really does not surprise me at all. I've been to Malaysia and all the little countries around there and they have one thing in common (probably more, but I'm only discussing this one) and that is KARAOKE! They all love it, you can always find a Starbucks, McDonald's, 7 ELEVEN and a karaoke bar when you’re in an Asian town. Let's say you meet a girl and you cannot understand her English very good, have her sing to you what she is saying and all of the sudden her English is better than yours, its amazing.

Thailand Airport Back In Business

My favorite place to visit, Thailand, has officially re-opened it's main airport after the prime-minister resigned and protest died off. This comes as a great relief to some of my close friends as they will be over there in a couple of weeks. Before the news, my friends had tried to change their tickets, but Expedia told them to fucking bad!

Head of Russian Orthodox Church Dies

Patriarch Alexiy II, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church has died at the age of 79.

Wisconsin's Way Out?

So the state of Wisconsin's way of dealing with the current financial crisis in the world, is to PRINT THEIR OWN MONEY... that's right folks... and the weird thing is, is that it is perfectly legal! 

With their plan, they are going to make the exchange rate $110 (for their state money) in exchange for $100 of the US money... this is going to give the residents an automatic 10% discount!

The only regulation is, is that they can't copy coins or federal money. So that being sad.... who are they going to put on the bills?

Rick Roll

Chubby Kids are awesome!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

X-ARM! Extreme Arm Wrestling?

So the guys who created the UFC decided to get into arm wrestling. X-ARM combines mixed martial arts and arm wrestling. I mean from watching a few the matches, it looked like dudes were more interested in knocking the other dudes head off (as opposed to winning the match itself). CHECK IT OUT!

It's pretty cool, but I think its going to be one of those things on ESPN 8! hahahaha.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Junie Browning lost to Efrain tonight! After he lost, instead of losing graciously, he decides to run off and cry like a little bitch and say that that was his last fight... however, he did admit to the fact that he wasn't as good as he thought he was! He ain't even worth a picture! In the words of Dana White "Justice was Served!"



Play Games at AddictingGames

Pownce is no more! has just emailed me some terrible news! December 15, 2008 will be their last day of existence on the World Wide Web. Pownce was like "a myspace for professionals" you could send files, pictures, links and much more to your entire community or to an individual. It also allowed someone to be your friend without having to be theirs. Pownce was partly the brain-child of Kevin Rose (Diggnation; founder) and because of this became one of the most-anticipated social sites to date. During the initial "invite only" stage, passwords were being sold on eBay for well over a hundred dollars. I'm hoping that the closing of Pownce means a more powerful social network site from Mr. Rose is coming soon, possibly one that reminds me where I put my car keys??


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I'm currernly out to sea and just found out that I have cell phone reception so I figured I would try out bloggers text feature. I don't really have anything cool 2 put out but if your reading this do me a favor and send me a text letting me know it worked 425.350.8686 and if you know of a way to do pictures let me know as well. Thanks

GSP All Access

Ground Zero

Steve Smith Vs. Kitty

How to be UFC FIGHTER!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


So yeah...A lot of you may have been noticing an increased number of mixed martial arts posts... well, that is due to the fact that I am going to be fighting thirteen days at Qwest Arena! It's going to be a thrill, due to the fact that I have now been watching the UFC for 5 years, now I get to perform (maybe not for the UFC) but perform in front of a big crowd, and test my mettle against a pretty tough opponent.

I guess that I am just excited that I am finally going to get to see "How good I really am"... because everyday I am training with some of the best guys in the state, but how good you are in the gym doesn't always translate into how good you are in the cage. I have seen black belts in Jiu-Jitsu get knocked out and I have seen black belts in striking arts get submitted quickly... which is why I am trying to become a well rounded fighter as opposed to the devastating KO artist or the SUBMISSION guru... but I'll take a win however I can get it!

So... if you happen to be in the Boise area... come check out CCF XV at Qwest Arena on December 12th!

Also, come check out my two teammates (who will also be fighting)... Middle Weight Champion Brandon "Bam Bam" Christensen and Matt Edgington.





Freddy's Nightmares

So apparently back in the late 80's Freddy Krueger had is own "Tales From the Crypt" style TV show! Check out one of the episodes below.


Snake River Fight Team- Meridian, ID

Snake River Fight Team is a premier fight team based out of Meridian, ID... this is the same fight team that I have been training with for the past six months... Check them out!

Below are some of the fighters delivering some pain!

Sleeping Pills

If anyone would like to contact me about selling me their sleeping pills, please send an email to... jk! It seems like I am tired all day and then right when I get ready to go to bed I can't sleep. Anyone got any tips?

Portland's Saturday Market

I went to Saturday Market today in Portland. This place is actually really cool, not as cool as Seattle's but almost. I got a bad ass lamb gyro and a handmade notebook for a friend. Plus seeing all the hippies dancing made it worth the hour drive there. When I was trying to find food, I stumbled upon this little corner where they were selling pipes for "tobacco"... I haven't smelled weed that much since back in 2005. It was strong! All in all it was a really cool place and I would go atleast once a year.

Enjoy the Holiday Blues...

Because 26.2% of Americans (18 and older) suffer from some sort of mental disorder... SO THAT is why people act so crazy during the holiday season. Be safe and be sure to carry around plenty of PROZAC! 

E-mail Oprah

Did you know that you could email Oprah and it might get read on her show? My email would be something like this:

Dear Oprah,

Stop breathing.

Your friend,


or something like that.

Funny or Die Video of the Day

See more James Franco videos at Funny or Die

Japanese Need More Sex

Panic over Japan's looming population crisis has prompted the labor ministry to enforce laws encouraging more "family time".

Recent studies have found that Japan's workers are simply too tired to have sex after the intense overtime that the national work culture demands. The study carried out by Durex showed Japan's sex drive was half that of the global average.

Japan's birth rate of 1.34 is among the lowest in the world and falls well short of the 2.07 children needed to keep the population stable.