Saturday, December 20, 2008

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just found this cool widget on the site.

Oprah boost kindle sales has run out of Kindle e-book readers, sending their prices soaring on the second-hand market and on sites like eBay, reports Bloomberg. Ever since an Oprah endorsement in October cleaned out the online retailer’s stock, those with Kindles in hand have sought to secure a return on their investment. The device retails for $359 but it can now fetch anywhere from $500 to $1,500.

Of course, that extra money isn’t going to Amazon, which was blindsided by the increased demand Oprah’s nod triggered. “Could they have ended up with more inventory of this, and therefore, more sales? Sure. But in this economy, I don’t fault its strategy.” says one analyst. Given the gadget’s popularity, watchers are revising their sales estimates—with some forecasting $1 billion by 2010 for the device and licensed content.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Can you hear me now?

NitroBlitz user submitted story:

A UK survey has found that being buried with a cell phone is the most popular funeral request behind being buried with a pet's ashes.

don't be part of the problem

Thursday, December 18, 2008

site of the day (

I was found this site when I tried to register the name with about a month ago and use it almost every day now. is an online news site that aggregates news information from over 100 sources and then writes summaries of articles from these sources. It was launched in October 2007 and is run by Highbeam Research, Inc. CEO Patrick Spain, Vanity Fair columnist Michael Wolff, and Caroline Miller, former editor-in-chief of New York Magazine. The company is a branch of Highbeam Research, Inc., which owns one of the largest news databases in the world.

The best part about the site is the grid layout!

obama pic of the day

show me your motha fuckn hands!!!

michael jackson whopper freak out

mrs. officer spoof

the only song i've actually bought online

a podcast named nitro.

I'm trying to make a podcast right now and it's a fucking pain in the ass. Garage Band should have a link under the share button that automagically sends it to iTunes podcast directory, but noooooo they have to make me go through 100 steps of signing up with and uploading here and there. Now I'm waiting for iTunes to load it or approve it... not sure what that is about. I'll let everyone know whenever it can be discovered on iTunes.

Young folks video

Check out this song, it's greatacular.

Greatacular is a (R) of

ufc fighter dead

A mixed martial arts fighter and his wife were found shot to death in a Laguna Niguel condominium in what authorities said was an apparent murder-suicide.

The bodies of Justin Levens and his wife, Sarah McLean-Levens, were found Wednesday afternoon, Orange County sheriff's officials said. The 28-year-old Levens competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and other organizations.

Sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino said the couple was found by the woman's mother, who called 911.

Lt. Mike Jansen says further information would be released Thursday.

wii vs ps3 5... surprise! it's not even sunday!!!

single ladies

are they fucking serious. nobody wants to see a fat ass!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Critical Mass Assault Cop Indicted!

The NYPD Police Officer who was responsible for pushing the biker (in the video below) will have to report to the prosecutors office tomorrow!

Bob Marley Interview...

An Interview that Bob did on Marijuana...


Ryan makes 100,000 videos... why can't I?


Free Press,  Feb. 28, 2008

for immediate release:

AZ's Experimental Film, "POV" a Success!

A documentarian finds himself in over his head when interviewing underprivileged, homeless street people. "POV" is a Digital/HD film scheduled to shoot in mid March of 2008. The talent that was chosen for the project (from hundreds of local submissions) are some the best method and improv actors in the state of Arizona.

This experimental film (now in production) is proving to be a huge success. With a cast and crew made of Arizona's best method/improv actors and film production artists, this "script-less" full feature, psychological drama is now underway. The excitement and collaboration of the talent and crew (many from other Arizona productions companies) proves this film to be not only a unique project, but also one that will surely have the industry media buzzing for some time.

"POV" is an experimental film. And, so far we hear the 'experiment' is a huge success!

Genre: Psychodrama, with Comedic undertones and a lot of blood.

Rating: R = violence, language, nudity and adult situations.

The Cast and Crew of the Feature Film, “POV” by Sub-Par Productions®:

The CAST of “POV” ©2008:

Dan Stone - Andy “Docu-Dude” Black, The Documentarian (lead)

Rick Dyer - Mr. Jerry Hamer, Alcoholic 1 (lead)

Rob Douglas - Mr. DC Wingo, Alcoholic 2 (lead)

Rick Dawson - Johnny Stevens, Drug Dealer (lead)

Sophia Mouzakis - Ms. Colette Purvis, Hooker  (lead)

Kim Wolcott - Mary Jane Needles, Drug Addict  (lead)

Debbie Overbey - Only Ester / Fester, Bag Lady (lead)

Bartley J Overbey - John "Stony" Jackman, Ex-Military (lead)

Marcus Jordan - Mr. Kevin Myers, The Hooded Man (Supporting)

Alex Maeser - Drug Addict  2 (Supporting)

Charles Herring - Charles Herrington, The John (Supporting)

Annelle Lynne - Ms. Roma Ramada, Hollywood Actress Wanna-be (Supporting)

Dominic Ross - Award Announcer (Supporting)

Sara Clancy - Ms. Andrea Cates, Award Presenter (Supporting)

Ed Marquis - Mr. Bruce L. Tandon, The Computer Man (Supporting)

Scott K. Haskin - Mr. Kyle Mann, The Helping Man (Featured)

Barry Wallace - Mr. James Matson  (Featured)

Saphyre Fish - Daughter (Featured)

Michelle Fish - Mother (Featured)

Brian Kille - as Himself, AZ Film Director  (award scene)

Aaron Ginn-Forsberg  - as Himself, AZ Film Director  (award scene)

Dana Skvarek II - as Himself, AZ Film Director  (award scene)

The CREW of “POV” ©2008:

Debbie Overbey  Producer, Director of Photography (2nd Camera), Concept Artist/Writer

Debbie Overbey  1st Camera

Dan Stone Assistant, 1st Camera  (2nd scene)

Eric Reinhart 1st Camera (award scene)

Jeff Singer 2nd Camera (award scene)

Michelle Fish - (Photography by Scallop) Before/After Cast & Crew photos

Diamon Dar  - Still Phototographer (award scene)

Overbytes Digital Photography  Production Stills and Behind the Scenes footage

Carrie Schmertz - Production Assistant and 3rd Camera

Kristi Cooper  - Makeup/Hair and Special Effects/Cambri Perkins - Hairstylist (award scene)

Nathan Price (i5Films)  Editor and Consultant

Scott K. Haskin  - Film Composer

Gini Price  (i5Films) Graphic Design - Credits and Film Poster Art

Special Thanks to... Chandler Cinemas

“POV©” CO-Writers:

Rick Dyer, Rob Douglas, Sophia Mouzakis, Kim Wolcott, Charles Herring, Annelle Lynne, Alex Maeser, Sara Clancy, Bartley J Overbey, Scott Haskin, Rick Dawson, Marcus Jordan, Dan Stone

Shoot Locations:  Tucson, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Chandler, Arizona

“POV” on the IMDb:

"POV" is a Sub-Par Production®

Email for more information or to obtain a press package.

©2008 Debbie Overbey and Sub-Par Productions® All rights reserved.



Why can't the rest of the world be like this kid?

Good beer

I just found a new beer to love. It goes by the name of TAP ROOM NO. 21 BREWING CO. (AMBER ALE) and it's fucking good. Try some today.

T.I.- Dead & Gone (youtube) Music Video

Youtube users are genius, if a song they like doesnt have a video yet they just zip zap some shit together. Check out this new T.I. song

Gag Reflex from Crackhead Control...



This movie is so damn awesome! Go rent slashers!


They are re-making Friday the 13th!


This movie is going to not only kick ass, but it also going to have Gambit in it! FINALLY!

Check out twitter

Kanye West- Heartless

Best new song/video i've heard/seen in a while.

Heartless from kwest on Vimeo.

Mac Update

If you're not a loser and you have a mac, this morning they rolled out a new update for the system! MAC OS X 10.5.6 is now ready for your wonderful macs to eat up.

Fired Employee back with a vengeance!

A recently fired Canadian man was charged with first degree murder after he allegedly shot and killed his boss at his former company's Christmas party.

Eric Allen Kirkpatrick, 61, who was fired from his job in Vancouver-based TallGrass Distribution, was accused of fatally shooting Benjamin David Banky, Vancouver police Constable Tim Fanning said.

At least a dozen people were at the party when Kirkpatrick entered at about 4 p.m. and opened fire, according to authorities.

Police locked down the neighborhood and Kirkpatrick gave up about two hours later. Other partygoers were not harmed in the incident.

Witnesses told that police spent about two hours negotiating with Kirkpatrick before bringing him into custody.

"He was giving them a bit of grief, he was saying that his cuffs hurt, but he was following orders," a witness said.

TallGrass Distribution is a natural health product supplier.


Anchorman: Afternoon Delight Music Video

Funny Scenes!

Mario Combat...

A flash game that I saw on the internet. It allows you to play as classic mario, except for this time you punch and kick (as opposed to jumping on top of your enemies.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Outsiders... RUMBLE!

Bobby Lashely MMA DEBUT...

I guess every MMA ORGANIZATION is going to get an EX-WWE Wrestler... hahaha... Brock Lesnar has begun a new era.

Dane Cook's First BJ



Ryan Bader and Efrain Escudero won!

Unfortunately so did Junie Browning!

Google Reader

This has been out for a while now, but I haven’t had Internet for very long these past couple of years due to deployments… Google Reader is the best thing since sliced bread. I can just type in any website I would normally go to anyway to read news, blogs, whatever and it’s now all on one convenient page. If you don’t have a google account this is just another of many reasons to get one ASAP.

Be sure to add to your Google Reader for the latest post!

Access Twitter in Gmail

Twitter is now accessible from within your Gmail account. A new tool, TwitterGadget , allows you to have all the main features of Twitter inside of Gmail as a Google Gadget.

To access it, you’ll first need to enable custom gadgets in Gmail, which can be done from the Labs page under Settings. From there, you just insert the URL via the news “Gadgets” link you’ll have under Settings - - at which point you’ll be prompted for your Twitter login.

If you’re on Twitter friend me up at

YouTube Greeting Card

Everyone’s favorite video site, YouTube has brought back their popular holiday greeting cards for another round. Like last year, it allows you to pick a video from a list or one that you upload, type a personal message and pick your recipients. To make your own just go to

Sunday Video

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Trailer

Batman Dead End

Mad Marvin's Cage Warriors...

Chris fought for these guys last night... I was really impressed with the show that they put on... Mad Marvin's Cage Warriors is usually held in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Check em out.