Tuesday, January 13, 2009

stop sending us money offers

I just checked our NitroBlitzTips gmail account and most of our emails where about someone's Dad who died in Nigeria and the money he has left behind for me if I send 10,000 dollars over so that they can send me another 3.3 million. Although this does sound awesome and what not, I'm not a fucking retard so I won't be sending any money out. If you have any useful stories for us to write on though, please feel free to send it our way via the email link at the right of our site.

at&t can go fu** off

I was in the process of becoming a part of at&t last week by purchasing one of the refurbished 99 dollar iPhones they where advertising online. I ordered it online and when it didnt come for over a week, I finally got an email Friday about an hour after that certain department is closed for the weekend. When I called on Monday the operator was like we're going to ask some questions to verify you are who you say you are. The questions they asked are fucking ridiculous if you're in the military because they were asking me the last address I had on file, which I don't even know what address I have currently then when I didn't answer all the questions correctly they cancelled my order and if I still wanted the iPhone I would have to pay another hundred bucks, because the 99 dollar discount is now over. So, I am now a proud verizon wireless customer and they didn't send me any last minute bullshit emails.


small url site

If you use twitter or any site like it to get your information out to your followers, then you need to have a url shortener to make http:www.//krngrj.dsfksdjfkre.ewjfnjnf/3222/dndjknejwnjenejnfejnf into http://budurl.com/???? A new one I just found today is budurl.com After going to the site, I dragged the little icon to my firefox tool bar and now whenever I'm at a site I want to share with someone, I just click on my BudURL button and send it out to my twitter followers or just a regular old instant message. So far this has been the easiest one i've used.

yahoo has new boss

Carol Bartz was appointed to the top job at Yahoo on Tuesday, at the age of 60, she is sooooooo old and I hope that she doesn't turn yahoo into a place for old people to get life insurance or an aarp meeting place... just kidding. Good luck old woman!

hot asian of the day

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stick Figure News: Golden Globes

-Slumdog millionaire wins best drama

-wooo golden globes

new phone service

Just bought a 'magicJack' from radio shack for about 40 bucks. It's simple as hell all I had to do was take it out of the package, plug it into my mac and wait about 2 minutes for it to download. Then I told it my address, so that when I call 911 they can find me and it then gave me a number for the area I live in. It comes with free local and long distance, caller ID, voice mail and a lot more. I then tried to figure out how to pay for my subscription, but the first years included in the retail price! After that I think it was like 25.00 A MOTHER TRUCKIN YEAR!!!! Sound qualities just like talking on a normal phone.


This pic is awesome because you can tell that even back then when cameras first started being used that siblings were like 'are these mother fuckers serious, there's gonna be proof that I stood next to this person!!' It's also weird, because the kids in this photo probably died before I was ever even born!