Monday, January 19, 2009

change is almost here

Less than 24 hours until CHANGE is finally here. This song gives me chills like the national anthem used to give me after bootcamp.

Be sure to watch history on your local channels tomorrow!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Make Money as a Team

If you have a blog with Google AdSense making some money, you can open a project on FairSoftware and hire people. Let’s say you hire one contributor and give him 30% of the project shares.

On your blog, you replace the Google AdSense javascript by a script we provide. Then, every time someone visits your blog, we serve an ad from one of the members of the project, following the share ownership. So in my example, 30% of the time the ad will belong to the new hire. Then Google just pays each person directly.

The New Wikipedia

If you're sick of using wikipedia, but don't think you have another choice, then try out google's knol service. It just recently hit 100,000 pages after being online for about 6 months now. Go to and see how they compare with wikipedia's service.