Saturday, February 07, 2009

iTunes music restored!

I recently lost all of the music I purchased on iTunes, all 4 songs that I actually purchased! I figured I was probably going to have to just buy them again, but I decided to call Apple and find out for sure. After waiting on the phone for about 6 minutes, the operator on the other end gave me an email and told me to explain what happened and why my music was lost. I did this and about a day later I got an email back saying they don't restore music but that he would make an exception, because he (the guy responding to my email) has lost his music before. He went on to say that I should back my music up so that this doesn't happen again though. So, I spent about 80 bucks for a 2 year membership to the online storage backup site MOZY.COM, but I did get all my songs back!!!

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