Saturday, February 28, 2009

best show on

best invention ever!

If you're going to be attending any birthday parties w/ kids under the age of 12, the best thing to have is some noise-canceling headphones! There's about 10 kids in the other room, but with these wonderful head phones it's like i'm back at my place with NO KIDS!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

shout out

Just wanted to give a shout out to all you folks visiting the site via the link on the facebook group "6 degrees of military separation" Be warned, we post what we want, when we want here. If you get offended easily you won't want to stay!

night time tv thoughts

I'm watching the History Channel at the moment and they're talking about the KKK. These are some of the dumbest fuckers out there. They say they are the champions of christian morals and they stole the holiest of symbols... the cross and claimed it as their own. These people are unbelievable!!!

I can't even continue with this post, just know that the klan is a fuckin joke, someone let them know it's 2009 and they need to move on.

captain planet is back... online!

In 1990, Ted Turner added an unlikely asset to his media empire: a superhero with blue skin, green hair and a vendetta against pollution. The cartoon series "Captain Planet and the Planeteers" delivered environmental messages and featured a diverse roster of heroes, including Gi, a dolphin lover from Asia, and Kwame, an African with earth-moving powers. (click title to read entire story)

If you don't want to read the entire story, Mr. Planet is now on

racist mayor to resign!

The mayor of Los Alamitos, CA, a small orange county neighborhood, who sent out a racist Obama "watermelon" email says he will resign.

However, in his defense he is SORRY! So, that should hopefully help him out... not! Doesn't this fuckin dumb shit know whatever you say online is always seen by someone who is gonna put it on a blog or in his case of being a mother truckin mayor, give out that email to the local news.

Use them brains people!!!


So, right after I posted that last comment, the little google tip was: how to add google connect!

google friend connect help?

I'm trying to add the google friend connect to the site, but can't figure out what they want me to do with codes and what not! So, if any of you nitroblitzerz have a fkn clue about this stuff please shoot me an email! By the way I have a mac if that makes a difference at all?!?!?! Thanks.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


So... I moved around a lot growing up.... and even a lot in my adult life... however this transition has been the easiest due to the people that I have been fortunate enough to come into contact with over the past three months of my life. These are awesome people that I can truly be myself around... and I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THEY PUT UP WITH IT.


A life without friends  like these... is a life I don't wanna live!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So, yeah I guess that today was a pretty productive day. I worked out, worked, and then went to a theme park.... fun day I suppose... but its kind of a buzz kill when you are worried about whether or not your Mother and Sister made it out of the country safely.... Its an even bigger buzz kill when you find out that they made it, but they couldn't take three seconds out of there busy schedule to call you and say "HEY WE ARE ALIVE".... that would have been cool.... but who cares, they got to meet Andy, so they got what they wanted out of me.

I am kind of at a crossroads right now... I see big things in the future, but I can't help but feel that I am not doing enough to hedge my bets. I don't feel that I am writing as much as I need to, I know that I am working as hard as possible, but I still don't feel like its enough... It sucks having high expectations for myself, sometimes I wish I could just be like some of the people I went to High School with.... work a dead end job and spend my spare time/money getting drunk or high.... but then I wake the fuck up and punch myself in the balls (to recreate how that lifestyle would be like.)

I guess that in the end I just need to be more patient... which is what I have been doing.... Good things are coming.... and in an economy like ours, I feel pretty blessed. I have witnessed people write bad checks to buy their family a week's worth of food... Foreclosure rates are at an all time high... PLUS most companies are laying people off left and right... SO I guess that I am really really really lucky! And I think I need to leave the people who let me down behind!



Today we went to Universal Studios... it was a blast, I have honestly never had that much fun in my life. First we went to iFLY where we were in a sky diving simulation tank... then from there we went into the actual park and rode the MUMMY RIDE twice and then we went on the SIMPSONS ride... that was the most fun EVER! Both rides were very exhilerating and placed you in a different world.

Sorry that I didn't take any pictures.... but I am getting a new camera soon, so that I can keep you guys updated!


So after a long productive day, I think I have earned a couple hours of sleep before another long prosperous day. I hope that everyone of you has a great day tomorrow...

Ending thoughts of the day:

Kenny Florian vs. BJ Penn= Florian winning via TKO in the 3rd round.

Kenny Florian vs. Diego Sanchez= Florian winning via KO in the 1st round.

Joey Grecco is the greatest TV host on television.

Where in the world is George Foreman?

Is sobriety really that difficult?

Where will our economy be in the next 4 years?

$792 Billion....... Can't they divide that up and give it to all the Americans...?

Will Andy Dick stay sober?

Will Donna and Michelle LaBartunek make it through the week...

I WILL ANSWER/EXPLAIN all of those thoughts tomorrow.... but until then... GOOD NIGHT FOLKS!!! I leave you with the following gift from god... JK... but I do look good!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Horton hears Domestic Violence


I recently helped Andy create a blog that is geared towards his life of sobriety!


Also be sure to check this out!

Been Busy...

So I have been really busy lately... Busier then normal, sometimes I look back at the six months of my life (before moving to Los Angeles) and realize how drastically my life has changed. Back in Idaho, I went from one joyless job to the next, as I struggled to pay for my bills, and my mixed martial arts training, now I find myself in a situation that I thought that I would never think possible.

Near the beginning of December, I was set to fight Daniel Fergerson at CCF XV- Nightmare Before Christmas. I had trained, trained, then trained some more for six months (upto that point). I had never prepared myself for any endeavor as much as I did for that fight... I was ready for a war. From what I saw from Dan's previous fight was that he wasn't the most technical guy, but he would keep charging forward and pushing the pace... I figured that he would be a great challenge for my first fight, a great test to see if I was a true fighter/mixed martial artist.

The day before the fight, we both made weight, I weighed in at 155lbs (cutting 15lbs from my usual 170 to get there), and he weighed in at 157lbs. After the weigh ins, I quickly ate as many apples/bananas as I could, I had never starved myself to that point in my life (but when you passionate about something you push past the hunger.)

The morning of the fight, I went in to the arena to pick out my entrance music (I was going to walk out to Fort Minor "Remember the Name".) I was in the press box and I could see the whole arena from under me, I imagined all those empty seats filled with fans, I imagined where my mom and some of my closest friends were going to be sitting, and as the man running the audio equipment played "Remember the Name" I imagined myself walking out to the cage like a warrior charging into the battle field... After training for martial arts for over half my life, I was finally going to get my chance to showcase my skills in front of a huge crowd.

The evening of the fight, I showed up to the arena about an hour before the fight. I meet up with my coach (Darrin Moe) in the parking lot, he gave me a pre fight pep talk... he told me that he and everyone else on my fight team (Snake River Fight Team) thought that I was more then prepared for my fight, he told me that win or lose he just wanted me to go out there and used what I had learned from the past six months prior.

After entering the arena... I see a program for the fights... I was going to get to fight first! I was really excited for that because I was really just anxious to get in the cage. I get into the locker room and begin to warm up, my coach walks in and says that Daniel had backed out of the fight. CRUSHED!!! I was knowing that the last six months of my life had just gone down the drain, all the training, all the sacrifices that I had made went down the drain.

For the next week, I didn't show up to practice, I just went to work and felt a deep dark depression... I tried to play it off as though it didn't bother me, but it truly did...

Exactly one week after the cancellation of my fight, I recieved one of the strangest phone calls that I had ever recieved in my life. It was a phone call from Andy Dick, like THE Andy Dick, saying how he was in need of an Intern, and how he would like for me to intern for him. I was excited, but a little piece of me was debating on whether or not I should take the position. I figured that I had a decent job, I didn't have enough money to make it from Idaho to California, plus my mother was going through a divorce with my father and would need my help.

Later that day, I was fired from my job, they had givin me no reason whatsoever as to why they fired me. So, from that point I didn't have a job to rely on anymore, so I began to consider going to California more seriously... but I still didn't have the funds to make the drive down. So, I figured that I would just go get another job and replenish my funds.....

I check the mail box and see a check from a job that I had four month back... So I now had the funding to make it to CA... but I still thought that my mom would need me to help her take care of my little brother and sister, but she told me that I needed to get my ass out there. She preceeded to helping me pack up all of my stuff... and the next day I was gone.

Since then, life has taken a turn for the better, I went from being an intern to his assistant, and I am starting to learn a lot about film making from one of the legends! I am going to do a better job of keeping you guys regularly informed about whats going on in my life.... HOPE YOU LIKE IT HAHAHAHA!!!!


Ben Stiller at Oscars

President Obama live on NitroBlitz!

remixed the OC "pepper" spray video from earlier this week

andy dick,

this video is for you my love!

USS Ford OC "pepper" Spray from Ryan Way on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

my neighbor made the news!

A Seattle man has been charged with insurance fraud for allegedly sinking his own yacht because of "financial pressure and frustration with the maintenance" of the vessel, authorities said.

OC SPRAY: Navy isn't all fun& games!

It's long, but you get to see people sprayed in the face w/ OC "Pepper" Spray!

Oregon DMV Trip

I've gotten an overwhelming amount of email asking for me to bring back my TOP 5 video and it will, just been busy at work. Until then, here's some little thing I whipped up over the weekend!