Saturday, April 04, 2009

Friday, April 03, 2009

walking away from google

I like to think of myself as a Google fanatic. I use gmail, including many of the lab features. I use Google calendar to plan out my work schedule and often collaborate with my co-workers using Google docs. Whenever I get back from a deployment, vacation or anytime I take pictures I always upload them to picasa right away. So, in a intervention type of way I have decided to start using some other companies that offer similar services to Google’s for a while and give you my feedback on them:

1. Although it doesn’t even begin to cover as many places as google’s street view service this was actually a lot better in overall quality. The picture was a hundred times better and it was even easier to use.

2. This is a really well thought out site. Instead of showing your search results in boring text, it shows the actual website and allows you to scroll through. If you use apple you’re going to love this site.
3. There is no 3; I’m still in the beginning stages of getting away from google products.