Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sometimes I can't help but to ask why...

About fifteen minutes ago, I was at Ralph's buying some pins, I was at the check out line... In front of my was a cute girl, in front of her was this really really sweet guy (who happened to be mentally handicapped), and then behind me were two dumb ass frat-lookin boys. The guy in front of the girl started talking to the girl and was mentioning stuff about other cultures (he was being very respectful) and he was even making the girl laugh and smile, he pays for his stuff and goes on his way (not bothering anyone)... as soon as he is out the door the two frat boys started to harshly make fun of the guy! I mean were there lives so miserable that they had to make fun of someone who was just trying to socialize in a world that he feels inadequate to?

Personally, I always pull for people who were born with mental or physical handicaps, not make fun of them. What is to be gained by putting them down? Seriously if there is something like that please let me know...


With a life as chaotic as mine... I have made a decision to make it even MORE CHAOTIC... yet fun. Tomorrow we begin filming the next 5 house arrests... but to make it fun for everyone, I am going to put up a live feed so that you guys can see all the fun... before the fun happens.

Also, I have been reaching out to a lot of people who have inspired me over the years to get some video interviews! 

I realize that this could be the premiere blog... and over the years I sort of just let it fizzle out... well now I am going to bring it back with a vengeance!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Music and Sun

It's been warm and sunny all week. Never been in Seattle when it was over 40 degrees!!