Thursday, April 30, 2009


Name: Denise

Age: 22

Location:Philadelphia, PA

occupation: assistant manager at A&F

favorite color: greenish-blue.

favorite movie: Liar Liar.

favorite superhero: BATMAN all the WAY!

Chocolate or Flowers? Chocolate! I love truffles smile

WHAT SHE WANTS IN A GUY: "Personally, I love nice guys. I like guys who do the little things, I am NOT the girl who likes the jerk, or the girl who likes the guy everyone else likes. Simplicity, sweetness and being genuine are key."

heard this last night

Little Tip...

It costs $148+ to get your car back if it gets towed in LA... I found out the hard way today ;*(

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Florian vs. Penn... Silva vs. Griffin!!!

The two main events for UFC 101 have just been announced over at UFC.COM! Kenny Florian, three years after his decision loss to Sean Sherk is finally going to get a second shot at the title, this time against a very hungry and very dangerous BJ Penn (coming off of his loss against George "Rush" St. Pierre.) This fight has all the makings to be "fight of the year", both fighters have incredible stand-up games, and both fighters are world renowned grapplers, with each of them having a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu hanging in their closets. This is gonna be a tough fight to predict!

After two less then stellar performances, Anderson Silva is going to be taking on one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin. Stylistically this is a very interesting fight, I would give both the ground and stand-up advantages to Anderson Silva, but Forrest Griffin is not one to be taken lightly in ANY FIGHT. I think that Anderson Silva is gonna have this one well in hand, but it wouldn't surprise me if Forrest steals a decision!


Name: Katterina V.

Age: 18

Location: Orange County, CA

Occupation: Full time student, part time receptionist, full time princess

Color: PINK!

Movie: Harold and Kumar I & II, Finding Nemo

Turn Ons: "Intelligence is always a turn-on. Oh and a yummy smelling man. Yup, you have to qualify as smart and smell wonderful to win my heart."

Typical day: "Carry three notebooks on one arm with a purse filled with books on the other and head to four long classes, head home, cook dinner, then hit the gym."

Hobbies: "Baking, playing tennis, jogging, winning arm wrestling matches (not kidding), and climbing hallways."

The Toxic Avenger...

Tonight, we were just hanging out, so I thought that I would go upstairs and work on the site and the scripts to my web series... They saw me with a very enticing DVD in my hand (THE TOXIC AVENGER) and talked me into letting them watch it... Now for me, I see the Toxic Avenger as an inspiration, that proves that if you put your mind to something and DO THE WORK, you can accomplish anything... But for my two friends... they saw it as the biggest piece of shit ever made... Maybe I will go without telling them that three sequels and an animated series were made out of that "Piece of shit".

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spinning Back Kick

Swine Flu... VERY REAL!



bully beatdown eps. 5

World's Strongest Man- The Game...

I just found this little goody on newgrounds...

UFC 98: Evans vs. Machida

Saturday, March 23 has all the makings to be a historic day in mixed martial arts! "Sugar" Rashad Evans is gonna be taking on Top Light Heavyweight Contender Lyoto "Dragon" Machida in an epic battle. I can make all the predictions that I want, but the only thing that can be guaranteed is that someone is leaving the MGM Grand with their first professional loss.

Each fighter has a unique style that will devastate any opponent (in either the ground game or the stand up game). Evans possesses potent wrestling abilities along with elusive and powerful striking, on the other hand Machida posses a very tricky (yet powerful) Karate Style (which not many fighters can use in the cage successfully) and he also has a phenomenal ground game! The only factor that may make this fight less exciting is the fact that both of these fighters are known for "Countering", so if you have two guys just waiting for the other guy to come after them, it could really make for a boring fight.

However, I seriously doubt that this fight is going to be a snooze-fest... but I do believe that there is a good chance that this fight will go the distance! 

Final Prediction: I am going to have to give this one to Machida by split decision.

Advanced Half Guard

Monday, April 27, 2009

So I recently meet the owner of he is a pretty cool guy and so is his site... so go check it out.

Bully Beatdown FIGHT


Hot Chick of the Day: Ana Rhodes

Ana Rhodes

Name: Ana Rhodes

Age: 24

Location: Sacramento originally in Hollywood now

Occupation: Model

Favorite Movie: Undecided

What she wants in a guy: "I like guys who are concise, intellectual, funny, empathetic, real, have integrity, eat healthy and work out."

whole foods is actually a cult

I've heard Kevin Rose ( talk about Whole Foods on many occasions about how good the food is and how great everything there is, but I figured he was just full of it. I finally got the chance to shop there the other day, when I accidentally found one near Microsoft's headquarters and I think I might be addicted. I got these all natural almonds with a coating of cinnamon that Whole Foods manufacturers, some fresh fruit with no additives or anything unnatural and some whole food's pomegranate Italian soda. I had the best dessert that I have ever personally made with some vanilla ice cream, the delicious fruit and the Italian soda! Whole Foods is a little pricey, but the taste of everything is way tastier than the over processed food of say... Safeway?!!

Want to do live broadcasts from your house or wherever else you can get wifi? Then you should check out! Starting this Saturday, every saturday we are going to be doing a live show!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


With trying to bring back to the glory that it once knew, I have been adding more and more content (as you have probably noticed)... So I have decided to bring back the "Hot Chick of the Day"! Our first "HCOTD" is Nude Model Kymberly Jane.


Name: Kimberly Jane

Location: Orange County, CA

Age: 28

Occupation: Full Time Nude Model

Favorite Movie: Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas and The Big Labowski

What she looks for in a guy: According to Kimberly, " I'm not really looking, the guys just find Me really, and  I  pick the one who annoys me the least."


Just recently a demo of the new THQ game, UFC UNDISPUTED was put out on Xbox Live and Playstation 3. Below is a full REAL USER demo of the gameplay!

Street Fighter IV

Nitroblitz gets Tromatized!