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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oprah is leaving- sorry housewives!

Top Games of All Time: 180-171

So... been getting some better feed back after the last ten selections have surfaced... I have been on a role since these early selections are going to be the easiest, MOST FORGIVING... hahaha. So here are 180-171...

180. Track and Field II (NES)1988
Developed by Konami

I refer to this game as one of the best button mashers of all time!!! This game simulates 15 Track and Field events, ranging from the 100 meter dash to arm wrestling, with pretty much everything you can think of inbetween. Some may criticize me for even putting it on the list, but then again I am the same guy that put Shaq Fu on the TOP 200... YES I AM CRAZY... GET OVER IT! Still love you....

179. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (Playstation 3, Xbox 360) 2008
Developed by Midway Games and Warner Brothers Interactive

It wasn't the crossbrand battle that we have all wanted for over 40 years, but is/was still pretty freakin cool none the less. I mean Batman vs. Scorpion wasn't your typical "Dream Match-Up", but it was still pretty cool to play it out. Now the only reason why I didn't give this game a higher ranking, was due to the fact that there just weren't enough characters! Only 22??? I mean its Mortal Kombat vs. DC "UNIVERSE" for christ's sake!

178. Toxic Crusaders (Sega Genesis) 1992
Developed by Sega

The fact that this game was turned into a game was amazing, the fact that the cartoon (in which this game was made) was created is amazing. The Toxic Crusaders was a kids cartoon that was based off of an independent film called The Toxic Avenger. In the Film (in case none of you know), it contained over 20 deaths, victims included a blind dog, a twelve year old boy, and a midget... So as a solute to independent achievements and THE AMERICAN DREAM... we decided to give the Toxic Crusaders the coveted 178 spot.

177. King Of Fighters (NEO GEO CD) 1994
Developed by SNK Playmore

Although, I only had the privilege to play King of Fighters '94 one time, it made an everlasting impression! Although this game was ultimately overshadowed by Mortal Kombat, until it was able to hit the main plat formers, it kept the rest of the gaming world on it's toes!

176. Altered Beast (Sega Genesis) 1988
Developed by Sega

This was THE FIRST GAME that I ever played and it was amazing. Throughout the game you play as a series of beasts including (a Thunder Dragon, a Tiger-man, and even a bear) as you hack and slash through six levels! This is THE GAME that got me hooked on side scrolling beat 'em' up games!

175. Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (Sega Genesis, SNES)1993
Developed by Accolade

Your a cat named bubsy... you collect yarn and defeat enemies by jumping on them! What more can I say?

174. The Movies (PC) 2006
Developed by Lionshead Studios

This is one of the few games that I actually looked up news and obsessed over its release date... and it was well worth it. The Movies was a PC game released in 2006, where you are in charge of your very own movie studio! You get to hire/fire actors, directors, maintenance men, writers, and even janitors. You also get to design your movie studio to keep up your "LOT PRESTIGE"

173. Mutant League Football (Sega Genesis) 1993
Developed by Electronic Arts

I don't recall being a football fan... UNTIL I PLAYED THIS GAME. Pretty much this game is pretty much the NFL, personified with demons... downright amazing... they need to make a PS3 version ASAP!

172. Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing (Sega Genesis) 1992
Developed by ACME Interactive

A fun boxing game, with amazing graphics, awesome game play, and a Career Mode that pull the rest to shame. What else needs to be said?

171. Def Jam: Icon (Playstation 3, Xbox 360) 2007
Developed by EA Chicago

We end this list with an awesome fighting game. Def Jam: Icon combined awesome gameplay, great graphics, and an awesome soundtrack... mixed in with some booby traps. In Def Jam: Icon you create an "Icon" of your own and fight him through an awesome story. If that doesn't satisfy you, you can go into Exhibition mode and fight as some of your favorite Hip Hop Artists.

Alright... Thank you all for stopping by... AGAIN! I will have 171-160 up sometime very... very... very soon. Thanx guys :)

Top 200 Games of All Time- 190-181

So... my fellow panelists and I, have quickly put together the next selections for the top 200 games. I know that the first 10 weren't the most popular, but like I said... its me and two other guys who decided this... If you don't like my list, MAKE ONE OF YOUR OWN. I have received a couple of pissed off emails from people that do not appreciate Shaq Fu as much as we do. Now here is 190-181.

190. The Itchy and Scratchy Game (Sega, SNES, Sega Game Gear) 1995
Developed by Bits Studios

We all remember the fun little bits throughout our favorite Simpson's episodes, featuring a certain cat and a certain mouse that had a tendency of maiming each other. You play as itchy, through seven stages of awesome game play. Check out the game play below.

189. Krusty's Super Funhouse
Developed by Fox Williams and Audiogenics

I typically don't like puzzle games very well, but Krusty's Fun House is probably one of the more enjoyable ones that I remembered playing. In this game you guide beloved Krusty the Clown through a bunch of puzzles and mazes. In each puzzle Krusty is controlled by a different character, including Sideshow Mel, Bart, Homer, and Corporal Punishment. Check out what I am talking about below.

188. Boxhead- The Zombie Wars (WEB BASED) 2007
Developed by Sean T. Cooper

The reason why this game reached the top 200 is simple... ITS SIMPLE, ITS FUN, AND IT IS ADDICTIVE. While I was in the Navy, I remember spending my off time (during duty days) playing this game for hours on end. I look zombies and I love shooting stuff... you put the two together and you cannot go wrong.

187. Bram Stoker's Dracula (SNES, SEGA GENESIS) 1993

Developed by Psygnosis, and Traveller's Tales

I remember playing this game at a time where I was highly into vampires... and I had just seen the actual film Bram Stoker's Dracula... you know this was at a time where vampires had fangs, drank blood, and couldn't go out into the daylight!!! The overall gameplay is fun and the 3D backgrounds were ahead of its time.

186. Toss the Turtle (WEB BASED) 2009
Developed by Foreverkul and Gonzossm

This games gives you everything in which it offers... your whole objective is to toss the turtle as far as you can, from out of the cannon. IT IS ADDICTIVE! PLAY IT HERE!

185. Dig Dug (Arcade) 1982

Developed by Namco

... You dig underground and you shoot monster with a pump and then pump them up till they explode...

184. Beavis and Butthead (Sega Genesis, SNES, Sega Game Gear) 1994

Developed by Viacom
This was the tale of 2 under achievers who were finally going to get to see the Gwar Concert... only to have their tickets shredded up and thrown into little pieces all across town... In this game you switch off between Beavis and Butthead and channel surf all throughout highland... with each level your mission is to obtain a piece of the shredded up Gwar Tickets... REALLY REALLY FUN!

183. The South Park Game (N64, Playstation) 1998
Developed by Appaloosa

South Park, highlights the very first few seasons of southpark. You get the choice of playing as Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, or Stan, you are armed with snowballs, yellow snowballs, dart guns, and many many more. This is game is South Park characters mixed with the Turok 2 Game Engine.... FUCK YEAH!

182. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movies (SNES, SEGA GENESIS) 1995
Developed by Bandai

A side-scrolling beat 'em' up Power Rangers Game... which at the time was the coolest thing EVER!

181. The Simpson's Bart's Nightmare (Sega Genesis, SNES, Game Gear) 1992
Developed by Sculptured SoftwareThree Simpson's Games in one Article... HOLY SHIT! But this was the best one out of any Simpson's Game ever made. You play as Bart and you must journey through 8 mini games in order to collect a report that is due the next day! As you walk down dream street... each paper represents a different mini-game... the more mini-games that you win, the higher grade/better ending your going to get! OBSERVE...

Thank you guys for checking us out... if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about these selections or any future selections please shoot me an email at

t-pain had a baby

TOP 200 GAMES OF ALL TIME- 200-191

So after a long long long break from blogging, I have decided to come back with a bang... I have been wanting to do a top 200 games count down for a very long time now, and I finally gathered up the willingness to do it. Everyday, until we reach number one, I am going to be putting up 10 games at a time. Just so that we are clear, every video game ever made is qualified (THIS INCLUDES BROWSER BASED GAMES!!!) Now... without further ado... here is 200-191.

Created by Tom Fulp

Pico's School was introduced to the world in 1999, it was created by Tom Fulp over at In this point 'n' click game, you play as Pico (a middle school student whose school has just been taken over by goth kids.) In this game, your objective is to reclaim your school, and to murder any goth kid that stands in your way. A sequel to Pico 2 has been talked about for over a decade, but has never circulated... If Tom Fulp is reading this, I would ask that he would PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the sequel already!

Created by Delphine Software
Published by Electronic Arts

Voted by many many game review magazines as one of the WORST GAME-CONCEPT EVER... which is fully understandable I mean... it is Shaq doing Kung Fu... So why did it make our list? Well... IT WAS A FUN GAME TO PLAY! The game featured cool backgrounds, awesome characters, and pretty slick fighting moves (it was a Sega Game that could utilize the six button controller.) The game's story is simple, Shaq is in Tokyo to play in a charity basketball game, from there he is sent to another dimension where he is forced to rescue a young boy named Nezu from the evil mummy Sett-Ra.... LIKE I SAID... not the coolest concept, but a fun game none the less.

198. Oregon Trail (PC) 1971
Don Rawitsch, Bill Heinemann, and Paul Dillenberger

Back in elementary school, this game was used as a reward for getting your work done early. The gaming concept is simple... you are on the Oregon Trail during the 1800's, you objective... GET TO OREGON. On the way you have to trade, hunt, and fight off diseases (such as measles, cholera, and diarrhea) . This game was originally created as a college senior project and turned into a fairly well known franchise (AWESOME JOB GUYS!). This game sprung up a couple of memories... and all the panelists agreed that it deserved a spot on the Top 200!

197. Comix Zone (Sega Genesis) 1995
Developed by the Sega Technical InstituteComix Zone was a Arcade Style, Beat 'em' up style game released in 1995. In it, you play as Sketch Turner, an artist and musician who is working on his latest comic book "Comix Zone". During a stormy night, Sketch is brought into his own world of "Comix Zone", during the game you battle Mutant name Mortus and his band of thugs while you try to save Alissa. The graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay to this game were amazing, it could very well be on many other top 200 lists... but due to the fact that it was released during a time where Sega Genesis was starting to become obsolete, it never quite got the praise that it truly deserved. UNTIL NOW!


Developed by Bandai, Banpresto, and Saban Entertainment

Released to the world in 1994, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a ONE ON ONE STYLE FIGHTING GAME. Not the most innovative game to ever hit the shelves, however it was pretty cool to get to play as the red ranger and beat up on some villains. Above is a cool video from the game... just so you can see why it made the list :)


Created by MNM Software

Your peaceful town has just been overran by thugs and you need to take it back. In "Streets of Rage" you play as either Adam, Axel, or Blaze, and you beat the crap out of every thug that comes into your path... whether you do it with your fists, a knife, a pipe, or even a broken bottle! This game was a true stepping stone for beat 'em' up games everywhere!

194. PAPERBOY (ATARI) 1984
Developed by Atari
The concept.... Simple, your mission is to deliver newspapers and to obtain more and more subscribers. The game.... LEGENDARY!


Developed by Ocean Software
Argued by many as one of the coolest shoot 'em' up games of all times. You play as Rambo and you are armed with a machine gun (with infinite ammo), flaming arrows, and bombs. Your objective is to KILL EVERYTHING! This was one of the first games that I have ever played and helped me develop my insomnia!

Developed by Acclaim Sports in Salt Lake City
This game hit the shelves when the WWF (now WWE) was at its prime. This game allowed you to beat your opponent with everything but the kitchen sink... well I think you did even get to use the kitchen sink. The game featured Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and many others. If you weren't satisfied with the roster, you were able to CREATE YOUR OWN WRESTLER for the first time ever!

191. PONG (ATARI) 1972
Developed by Atari

You have two sticks and a ball... one stick tries to get the ball past the other stick. It is still played to this very day and it has provided thousands of hours of fun... and is TRULY LEGENDARY!

There you have it 200-191... come back tomorrow to see 191-180. If you have any comments about our selections or if you have some suggestions for future suggestions, please either post a comment below, or shoot me an email at Thanks for stopping by, see you again tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sarah Palin on Oprah (Conan remix)

google voice

I got an invite to use google voice while I was on deployment in August and have finally had the chance to try it out. I set it up with my cell phone and attempted to set it up with Gizmo5, but have yet to figure that one out... anyways, I love the voice mail feature that allows me to setup different messages for different people. The email transcipts are horrible so far, as I have yet to receive a correct one. Things should only get better though, google just acquired gizmo5 (a skype like service) and since google is known to make everything free I think it will be good for young students like me!