Friday, July 15, 2011

Charlie Sheen- Songify

L.A. Noire Review

L.A. Noire is a pretty great game, it has wonderful graphics, excellent game play, the story line will have you playing until you reach the end to see the truth behind each crime, it's a game that's not completely just shoot this guy and then you win, you investigate crime scenes, go on high speed chases to chase down suspects, interrogate suspects and watch their expressions and body language to reveal the truth behind a crime, and since this is a Rockstar game, there are gun and fist fights involved, I have to admit the driving could use some work, the system in which you are ranked for your case makes sense, such as civilian injuries, damage to your vehicle, property damage, and how many questions you were able to get answered truthfully from the suspects all come into account here, it makes sense since you are playing the role of a cop in the ninety fifties, I highly recommend this game, my rating for this would be a ten out of ten.

Division III: Football's Finest

UFC Undisputed 3 Trailer

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ron De Jeremy

Davis out.... Ortiz In

Three years after their first endeavor, Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans will face off for the second time. Their first fight ended in a draw... and Rashad Evans (at that stage of his career) was green as can be, a nearly one dimensional wrestler, and Tito was coming into the cage off of his second knockout loss to Chuck "The Ice Man" Liddell. The fight was anything but boring, both fighters kept up a great pace, but in the end no one did enough to take the fight.

With Phil Davis out of the fight (due to an injury) these two will get the chance to fight again. However, I think that the odds are heavily favoring Rashad Evans at this point.

Tito Ortiz is coming into the Cage, two weeks since his past fight.

Rashad Evans is probably the best that he has ever been in his career.

I think that if Tito had a full 8-12 week training camp, the fight could have potential to be fight of the year... but with little time to prepare, I am giving this one to Rashad by way of second round TKO... but I'm also going to say that I wouldn't be overly shocked, if Tito pulled a shocking upset, with his newly found submission game.

The two are set to fight in Philly on August 6th.

Google Plus Surpasses 10 Million Users

Google Plus has just surpassed 10 Million Users and Mark Zuckerberg is probably shitting his pants.

Hot Chick Of The Day- Lisa Arkfeld

Name: Lisa Marie Arkfeld

Age: 27

Links to any websites: MM URL: … 018146865

Turn Ons: Funny, smart guys

Turn Offs: Bad breath

What's your favorite Color: Pink

What do you look for in a guy: Good conversational skills, respectful and handsome

What's your favorite movie: The Matrix

What video games do you like to play: I like car games; where I'm actually behind the wheel wink

Anti People Screening at Action On Film

Hey guys, March of last year, I produced a short film entitled Anti People. It is going to be screening at the Action On Film International Film Festival on July 25th... if you find your self in Pasadena, CA at 6pm that day... check it out.

Scream King

Nitroblitz would like to extend a congratulations to Joel Reisig and the crew of Scream King, for getting distribution :)

Tetherball: The Movie

This is a teaser trailer to Tetherball, the first feature that I have produced. It stars Ron Jeremy, Dustin Diamond, Dan Severn, and Lloyd Kaufman.

Win By Fall

This is a High School Wrestling movie that I acted in last year... Check it out :)

It stars Dan Severn, Joel Reisig, and Roshaun Page... and it was directed by my good friend Chris Nickin.

This just in... Country in shambles... NITROBLITZ BACK!

Well guys,

Rick here... its been a long bumpy two years, some bad things have happened to me, and some great things have happened to me... all things considered, I have decided to bring back to all of its glory. For awhile now, I've realized how much that I have missed blogging so I'm bringing this back.

Interesting things to know, THAT WAY YOU DON'T ASK ME...

I no longer work for A.D.

I've worked on a bunch of films, in which I will use this website to shamelessly promote.


Talk to you guys soon.