Saturday, July 23, 2011

DICK MOVE #1- Royce Gracie Breaking DeLucia's Arm

We've decided to add a series of famous "Dick Moves" onto the website. Our Number 1 DICK MOVE comes from UFC 2, when Royce Gracie fought Jason DeLucia. Shortly into the fight Royce caught Jason in an Arm Bar, Jason tried to fight out of it, but wound up having to tap... instead of simply letting the hold go... Royce proceeded to BREAK DELUCIA'S ARM.

Here at Nitroblitz, we respect Royce Gracie as a true pioneer of the sport, but THAT WAS A DICK MOVE!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Name: Danielle Arce

Turn Ons: Sense of humor, good hygiene, athletic guys, good sense of style, good dancer, smart, and good smile.

Turn Offs: Druggies, cockiness, "bro's", fake tans, hair gel, guys who are too "manscaped", and bad hygiene.

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Movie: Dumb and Dumber

What do I look for in a guy: Someone who I can laugh with, respectfulness, a genuine person. Someone who keeps themselves busy but always has time for me. A guy who keeps in shape and loves to be active as well as go dancing, but also likes to just stay in and drink wine and cuddle once in a while. :)

Links to any of my work:

Tron Jeremy


Not a bad looking flick... I'll definitely go see it.


So lately, I've been playing a lot of EA SPORTS MMA. When I first started out, I kept getting my ass kicked... A LOT... which is why I have a record of 180-118. Now I have managed to win some fights over some top 100 players... here are some tips on how you can keep yourself in the fight.


Blocking is a great thing... for the most part it partially protects you from nasty head kicks, but what it also does is keep your stamina from recovery. After every exchange, move to a safe distance and RELEASE THE BLOCK BUTTON. This will give you more stamina.


What happens to a lot of NEWBS (it happened to me), is that when things get a little to rough in the stand up, you immediately go for a takedown. Now there are a lot of scenarios, when this is going to be your ONLY resort. However, it is best to go for a takedown after your opponent completely misses with a rear kick...

When your opponent turns their back towards you, your takedown will work 100% of the time and take you straight to side control.


Just because you are on the bottom doesn't mean that you are completely screwed, but in order to put yourself into an effective position, you are going to have to drain the Top Opponents Stamina... the best way to do that is BODY BLOWS. Instead of wasting your energy on minor/major transitions, IMMEDIATELY attack the body, until their stamina is completely in the RED... when this happens you should either go for a major transition, submission, or get up.


The best advice that I can give you is this... its a video game... when some guy with "99 STAND UP" comes at you full blast, just remain calm... let them punch themselves out... this is usually the best time to go for counter punches.

I hope that these tips helped you out today... if you ever wanna play me... I'm on the PS NETWORK as SHROOMINATOR420 PEACE

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NitroBlitz Salutes- DRUNK GIRLS

Today wants to extend a hardy salute to every girl who has ever...

Gotten so drunk that she hooked up with a guy who was nowhere near her league.

Twisted/broken her ankle due to walking in high heels... intoxicated.

Gotten drunk to the point of becoming a lesbian... for fifteen minutes and then going straight back to guys.

Gotten drunk to the point of screaming at someone (as though they are across the street), when they were only a mere two feet away.

You left some people happy, satisfied, and even mildly amused. As you do your walk of shame and try to remember what you were thinking when you got in bed with that Star Wars Nerd... remember... SALUTES YOU!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Interview With Scream Queen Tina Krause

Tell the fine readers a little bit about yourself...

Okay… well I grew up in NY, studied Computer Science then went into Computer Graphics and 3D illustration. I graduated SVA and became an art director for a while and then went on to work for a fashion design company called Hugo Boss. A couple of years after that I worked for an art gallery/ art moving company and had a couple of art shows and fashion shows between New York and New Jersey…. when this crazy opportunity presented itself….. Ready … drum roll please….. The Chiller convention happened and yes I owe it all to a horror convention *lol* From that point on I became an actress, model, writer, director and producer... oh yeah and I still design clothes.

At this stage in your career, would you consider yourself more of an Actress or of a Producer?

Hmmmm I would have to say all three… actress, producer and director. It’s crazy but I’m getting equal amounts of work from each…. Help.

What made you want to get into the film industry?

To be honest, I really never wanted to get into the film industry. The truth is I had no experience, knowledge or any training of any type in this industry. The only thing I knew was that you had to memorize lines which didn’t appeal to me…. More studies?! OMG?! So as you can see and as I mentioned before I basically had NO CLUE… now I do and I love it.

How did you get your start?

Oh this is the million dollar question… who wants a million dollars? Well it all started when I took my little sister to the Chiller convention to get a Friday the 13th Jason mask. I had gotten there towards the end and a producer from WAVE productions approached me, basically I did the first scene I ever did in a movie that day right outside of the convention. It was the first time I ever saw myself on screen because they played it shortly after they filmed a death scene and the rest my darling is history.

What's your stance on Nudity for STARTING actresses? Do you think that it is detrimental for someone’s career?

That’s a loaded question. Ten years ago I would’ve said no but now it’s a bit different only because what is accepted on the screen has changed and we all know the cliché… sex sells. This doesn’t mean that if you don’t do nudity, you suck or that because you do nudity, you rock…. No no no not at all. I think no matter what you still have to act, and act well none of this half ass shit under the pre text that … “oh well I have a nice body so I great for the part…acting? What’s that? Didn’t I take off my clothes?… none of that. Like I said you still have to act and that’s more detrimental to your career then taking your clothes off.

Who's been your favorite director so far?

That’s hard to say cause I like a few of them for different reasons but I will lean towards David Lynch. I would really love to know what goes on inside his head …. No really. I love the artist direction he takes in telling a story through sound and visuals its like gliding through a fairy tale of trippy nightmarish dreams on a roller coaster of insanity.

What's been your best experience on set?

I don’t really know. I have had so many fun experiences and some really funny too. Hummm… I can give you a funny one. I was dressed as a nun and the co star a priest, so we didn’t know that the place we were shooting at still had a catholic school session that goes on … kind of like bible studies. So anyway we had a break and the “priest” had a flask with him. We sit down on the stoop of the bible study “school” not noticing that a session is going on. He takes a swig from the flask and offers me one, who am I to turn down offerings from a priest. He says something to me and I give him the middle finger, just then I notice movement behind the glass window… oh great …. There is a teacher and some students starring at the both of us. The nun and the priest taking swigs and cursing up a storm… go Catholic church go!

What's been your worst experience on set?

Hahahahahaha wow …. Food poisoning. I had to play a character who was hyper and giddy and did lots of coke and what happens… I get food poisoning. Puking and all but I still did the part, we just had to cut lots of times and ginger ale became my best friend

What are some of your upcoming films?

I have a couple coming out… Scrooge in the Hood, Eva of the Succubi, Story about Ian, Clive’s Madame X, The Good Wife, Feeding Frenzy …..

Where are some links where people can see more Tina?

You can keep up with me on I will be updating more movie and modeling on that site as well as keeping current with any new productions upcoming etc. Other than that we always have IMDB and facebook.

Is there anything that you would like to plug?

Yup… LIMBO will be out for release in a couple of months so look for it and I am directing a new horror soon called Man-I-kin … not going to say what it’s about but I will say this … its loaded with sex and gore.