Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hot Chick Of The Day: Danielle Donahue

Check out today's Hot Chick Of The Day, Danielle Donahue!

The Call #14- Ken McIntyre

Our Second Podcast of the day features the Ultra Talented Animator, Ken McIntyre! Creator of Super Retarded Dog and The Steven Seagal Show.

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The Steven Seagal Show:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

The Call #13- Moniere

Today's Edition of "The Call" features highly talented Filmmaker, Moniere! I apologize in advance for the lack of profanity... but there is much to learn from listening to this guy.

Listen To It Here:

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Xenation Trailer:

Cineque Pictures

Also if you are in NY on 4/25/12, check out the New Filmmakers Film Festival:

Chael "Poet" Sonnen

Oh Mel :)

Suge Knight claims Tupac Is Alive!

Friday, April 20, 2012

UFC 145- Prime Time Episode 3

Jones/Evans Weigh In's??

Rashad walks out to 3/4 of the crowd cheering with about 1/4 boos. Jon Jones, gets booed heavily. How many more top level guys is he gonna need to beat before he gains any respect. I'm predicting Jones is gonna win tomorrow.

Biggie and Tupac (2002) Movie Review 3.5 out of 5

Title: Biggie and Tupac

Year: 2002

Genre: Documentary/Crime

Production Company: Lafayette Films

Distributor: Lions Gate Films

Director: Nick Broomfield

Hot Chick Of The Day: Michelle Reis

Check out today's "Hot Chick Of The Day", Michelle Reis!

Jones/Evans Funny Moment

The Call #12- Elske McCain

Check out today's installment of "The Call" featuring my ultra lovely guest Miss Elske McCain! (Please note that we had slight difficulties in the first three minutes, so we start off in the middle of a discussion on pot.)

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Check out Elske's links:!/elskemccain

Bollywood Actress (Meenakshi Thapar) Kidnapped and Beheaded by CO-STARS!


Young Bollywood actress Meenakshi Thapar was kidnapped, held for ransom, and then beheaded by two of her co-stars from her latest film, 'Heroine.'

Thapar, 26, was bragging about her family's wealth on the 'Heroine' set in northern India.

Amit Jaiswal, 36, and his girlfriend Preeti Surin overheard the conversation and decided to kidnap her to make a little money. They held her for a 1,500,000 Rupees ($28,655.50) ransom.

They lured her away by inviting her to a trip to Gorakhpur, a town close to the Nepali border where the film was being shot, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Workout #2- Chest/Cardio Circuits

I am one of those guys that just can't do conventional cardio for an extended version of time, so I like to divide it up between sets. Since, I'm currently preparing for three grappling tournaments (three months in a row), I'm basically getting my body used to continuous movement for an estimated 5 minutes at a time... only giving myself one minute of rest in between. I also want to keep my physique in tact so, I am still doing a bodybuilding type of split (5 days a week, working on a different muscle group each day).

Here's the workout:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hot Chick Of The Day- Lexy Stevens

Check out today's Hot Chick Of The Day, Lexy Stevens.

The Call #11- Melanie Robel

Today's "The Call" features Ultra Sexy Scream Queen, Miss Melanie Robel!

Listen to it here:

Check out some of here links:


Toxic Avenger (Movie Review)- 4 out of 5

Title: The Toxic Avenger

Year: 1984

Production Company: Troma Entertainment

Distribution Company: Troma Entertainment

Directors: Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz

Stars: Mark Torgl, Andree Maranda

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hot Chick Of The Day- Brigantia Lustritz

Check Out Today's "Hot Chick Of The Day", Brigantia Lustritz


As a guy that makes movies for $10k and under, I have obtained the ability (over time) to be able to adjust my viewing expectations in accordance to the budget of the film. If I am watching a movie that was made by a 13 year old teenager with his father's Hi8 Camcorder, then I will lower the bar for this young man, making a valiant effort in the world of film making.

HOWEVER... when I watch these Studio Films, that have Hundreds of Millions of Dollars, access to the best writers, the best actors, the best editors, and access to the most talented professionals in the industry, I raise my bar to that standard... I EXPECT MORE! Despite having ten years, hundreds of millions of dollars, Sigourney Weaver, Director James Cameron, and cutting edge technology... it just didn't live up to my expectations!

Purchasing A BJ is NOT A CRIME (... In Columbia)

Now, a few days ago... I posted up the news about the Secret Service Agents getting in trouble in Columbia for buying some action from some of the local prostitutes... WHERE IT WAS LEGAL! Honestly, with soft-core porn on local TV in today's era, I'm surprised that anyone really cares... but then again I forgot, we live in America, where everyone is a prude!

What those Secret Service Agents did may be against your MORAL CODE... but it is NOT AGAINST THE LAW. I don't think they should have been relieved of their duty... if they start doing this... then I can guarantee that you wouldn't have a Military!

Grow up America... people like to get their rocks off!

Joe Rogan Experience 206- Eddie Bravo

I never miss a podcast from JRE. It's always awesome when he brings Eddie on as a guest. For all you people that don't know, Eddie Bravo is the founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and a 2nd Degree Black Belt under Jean-Jaque Machado... he is also Joe Rogan's BJJ Instructor (Joe is currently a Brown Belt.)

JRE #206 - Eddie Bravo, Brian Redban from JoeRogan on Vimeo.

3D Hologram Of Tupac at Coachella

Is Tupac still alive?

Net Pic #2- Fisty McGee

Workout Of The Day

Here is what I am doing today to keep myself from looking like a massive whale.

Shadow Boxing- 5x 5 Minute Rounds
Push-Ups: 3x 5 Minute Rounds (do push ups in all variations for 5 minutes, give yourself 1 minute between)
Sit- Ups: 3x 5 Minute Rounds (1 minute rest between sets)
Squat Jumps 3x5 Minute Rounds (1 minute rest between sets)

I normally lift weights, but with a grappling tournament on the way, so I am getting my body used to moving for five minutes straight. Obviously, you can take small breaks during the sets, but try to go as long as you can.

Hot Chick Of The Day- Erin Marie Hogan

Check out today's Hot Chick Of The Day, Erin Marie Hogan!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Call #10- Richard Martinez

Today's guest is the my ultra cool friend and highly talented film maker... Richard Martinez!

Listen to it here:

Be sure to check out his links:

Richard's Podcast

Richard's Production Company

Hot Chick Of The Day- Kiley Fox

Check out today's Hot Chick Of The Day, Miss Kiley Fox!

Bullying (I was going to have to talk about it sometime)

Well folks... I was gonna have to cover this topic sometime, I've been holding off on this topic for two reasons.

A. Anti Bullying Campaigns are cluttering everything as it is one of the nations "Hot Topics". The "Victims" are just becoming tools to lobbyists...

B. It doesn't hurt by any stretch of the imagination to think about my past, but its the past for a reason... because I moved past it, and I also don't want to seem like a "Victim"... since the superficial days in High School, I have lived a great life and have met/worked with some tremendous people along the way. I just wanted to talk about bullying from MY PERSPECTIVE.

Anyways, I'm not a psychologist, I'm not even a college graduate, I'm simply a writer/filmmaker that has had to deal with bullying for a good part of my life. Here is my observation/solution to the problem:

Monday, April 16, 2012

My Reaction to Rashad Evans Vs. Jon Jones Pre Fight Interview

These past couple of weeks I posted up two parts of the Counter Punch interview, you can view them below:

Part 1
Part 2

I had some strong opinions after seeing part one, but I wanted to see part two before I publicly stated my opinion on the matter. Before I do, I want it known that I have nothing but the utmost respect for both Jon "Bones" Jones AND for "Suga" Rashad Evans... but there are just a few things that I think just need to be said.

Pick Up Tip #1- A Little Confidence Goes A Long Way

I have a female friend (that's right folks, I'm not a misogynist... just honest) who told me that I should give advice to guys on how to pick up women. I'm no player, at one point in my life I had no muscle tone, no personality, and no CONFIDENCE whatsoever.

Most female's are pretty self-indulgent and are ridden with their own insecurities... and they really aren't turned on by the awkward introductions that are over filled with the typical "I'm Sorry's" and awkward pauses, as you are either TOO NERVOUS to speak or trying to think of something to say.

So, TIP #1 JUST HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF. If this girl rejects you... there are probably a dozen more in the same spot. It's not the end of the world. Just believe in yourself without coming off as a cocky prick and you should be fine!

Online Dating Part 2- The Bait and Switch

Since Part One, was a smash hit with our male viewers (not so much with the ladies...), anyways, part one covered the types of women that you may run into... This time around I would like to talk about the number one thing that happens during "The Online Dating Experiment".

It's the good ole' Bait and Switch! This is when:

Counterpunch: Jones vs Evans (Part 2)

I'll dial in on this one later today.

Hot Chick Of The Day- Letisia Monago

Check out today's "Hot Chick Of The Day", Miss Letisia Monago :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Family Guy- Life Before Religion

Ninja Choke

Here is a cool technique, you can hit from within the guard.

Remember When....

Rashad was on TUF 2 and he was show boating... and Matt Hughes didn't like it.... NO? WELL THAT'S OKAY... BECAUSE I FOUND THE CLIP

South Park On Bullying

South Park always knows how to put a fresh perspective on current topics. This is one of the instances I agree with. I'll be making an article on bullying soon.

The Walking Dead (Trailer)


Risen 2: Dark Waters (Trailer)


Butters Attempts To Stand Up To Bully

Hot Chick Of The Day- Calypso Sky

Check Out Today's Hot Chick Of The Day... Calypso Sky!

The Berimbolo- BEYOND MY VOCAB!

The Berimbolo is one of those moves that I just can't do for the life of me... its a very tough move, that maybe I'll decide to learn when i'm a Purple Belt (2-4 years from now lol). Below is a cool tutorial I found, (its not a bad move, I'm just too big of a bone head to get it down):


Ladies... remember this picture the next time you think of me as a misogynistic asshole. I'm not the problem... the dumb ass movies that are created for YOU... are the PROBLEM! 

A Look At Online Dating Part 1

I'm sitting here on a Saturday, NOT DRUNK, and find myself not being able to sleep. I landed on two subjects that I wanted to write an article about... Bullying or Online Dating. Bullying is all the craze right now... so I'll save that for another time. So let's get down to the nitty gritty about online dating.

They say that there is someone out there for everyone... they say that there is someone out there made JUST FOR YOU, and your soul mate is somewhere out there.... I KNOW... SOME PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS SHIT!

The truth is... TRUE LOVE is a load of horse shit, it is simply hunger food for the dependent. Fact of the matter is most women get married because they have either:

A. Found a guy that makes her feel secure in some way. Whether its financial, emotional, or she is in one of those situations where she is dating a guy less attractive then her (and she knows he will never be able to get anyone better.)

B. She has found someone "She Can Fix". A lot of girls (from a very young age) are put on an arbitrary throne and are treated like princesses, some of these girls do not want a prince charming... they want a man who is in and out of prison, can't hold down a job, or just simply treats them like shit.

C. She does not want to spend the rest of her life alone.

There are more reasons, but this is the typical three (that I have encountered), and sometimes it can be a combination of many things. When a woman cannot find what she is looking for through friends, family, or spin class... she looks towards humanities last resort... ONLINE DATING.... here are some types of women you will find online.