Monday, April 23, 2012

Thank You :D

Today, we broke a traffic milestone... I am not going to name the exact number, but in the past month we have received more traffic then we have ever received in the past 7 years of running this website. I am Personally ecstatic! When I was 15 years old, this site was just something to do for fun, but I'm starting to see that it has a lot of potential... not financially, that doesn't matter to me (REALLY, I'M A DUMB ASS!) I just want to bring you guys the best content, the hottest girls, and THE BEST PODCASTS on the web.

Starting on Monday, we are going to be launching our very first ad campaign... and I am also hiring a producer to record THE CALL... we are going to have an audio AND a visual option for you peeps... so basically, it will have much better quality, it will be available for Audio Streaming, Video Streaming, AND you can download it... FOR FREE, I am making the promise right now that it will forever be free to the people!

I am basically just stating to you folks, that I am going to be treating this the way that I should have 7 years ago... and make this the best site ever. I will see you guys in 5 days!

Hot Chick Of The Day: Marie Lynn

Since I'm gonna be gone for five days... I decided to treat you guys to TWO beautiful women in one day. Here is the second Hot Chick Of The Day, Marie Lynn!