Thursday, May 03, 2012

Hot Chick Of The Day: Michelle Lewin

Check out today's "Hot Chick Of The Day", Miss Michelle Lewin!

My BJJ Match

I've been doing BJJ with my new instructor for about 9 months now. I'm currently a blue belt... any ways, I competed for my first time at Blue/Intermediate last weekend... and I took 3rd Place Nogi. Below is one of my matches, I LOSE... but I can't find any of my wins online haha.

Get The Gringo 2012 (Trailer)

Mel Gibson is not only a tabloid magnet... he is also an actor (a pretty decent one). Check out the trailer to his new movie!

Priest Accidentally Plays GAY PORN during Congress Presentation


Father Martin McVeigh was giving a talk to 26 parents and one 8-year-old kid when computer disaster struck: he connected his USB drive into a PC to start his Powerpoint presentation. But instead of the word of God, a hardcore gay porn slideshow started, thanks to Windows' autoplay.

Some parents—who were there to hear McVeigh talk about First Communion—were angry. Others were in shock. Just like McVeigh. He was so embarrassed that, according to witnesses, unplugged the USB drive and walked out of the room without uttering a single word. Later he declared to the press:

I don't know how it happened but I know what happened. There are people making innuendoes who weren't even there but in this day and age these stories grow.

Pastor Sean Harris (Sigh)

Pastor_Sean: Even my apology is being judged by those who are supposed to be the most tolerant as insincere. At this point nothing seems sufficient

So Pastor Sean Harris, the guy would went on the Homosexual Tirade, saying that you need to "beat the gay away", has since made a retracting statement... The above is a tweet that Pastor Sean left on twitter, he wants to know why people aren't accepting his apology... well its because his statement is EMPTY!

Look, behind closed doors we are all guilty of saying things that may offend others, I say things that may offend people semi-daily on my podcast. HOWEVER, Pastor Sean Harris did not get caught speaking out of line to some golf buddies, in a way that was joking/sarcastic! He PREACHED what he said with CONVICTION! He meant every word of what he said, he just thought that no one would notice/care, and he forgot that we live in the CAMERA PHONE ERA.

More then likely society will take pity on him, since GOD WAS SPEAKING THOUGH HIM (cough bullshit cough). He will not lose his job, due to the fact that you can hear cheers in the background. I'm standing by the statement that somewhere in Sean Harris's lifetime, he has willfully had a dick in his mouth or up his ass!

@Pastor_Sean Because you said what you said while PREACHING, its not like someone caught a candid conversation with your golf buddies!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Call #18- Lloyd Kaufman

WE LOVE YOU FOLKS! Which is why we are giving you two podcasts in one day... the second installment of today is with LEGEND filmmaker and owner of Troma Entertainment... Uncle Lloyd Kaufman!

Listen To It Here:

Sean Harris- CUNTY Anti Gay Rant

Well it would appear that little CUNTS like Sean Harris still exist! Check out this little anti-homosexual tirade that he went on during a live church service. Somewhere in this dudes life he has either had a dick in his mouth OR UP HIS ASS. Mark my words.

The Call #17- Marie Lynn

Today's guest is the ultra sexy, ultra talented... Marie Lynn!

Listen to it here:

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Hot Chick Of The Day: Kelsey Zukowski

Check Out Today's Hot Chick Of The Day: Kelsey Zukowski

Recent Tommy Morrison Interview

A recent Tommy Morrison Interview, for all of you that don't know. Tommy Morrison was at one point a World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion and was Tommy "The Machine" Gunn in Rocky V. His fighting career ended when he was diagnosed with HIV.

Master Ken: MMA is Bullshit!

Rest assured MMA Community, I am filling out the mass amount of paperwork needed to spar this jackass!

53 Year-Old Man Beats Youngster (on one hours notice)

(Via Cage Potato)

Sunday, April 29, 2012