Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012 The Game Episode 1

Please enjoy the game,  as promised, we put a lot of work into the game and we truly hope that you enjoy, here is the link to download it.

Enlightenment (Short Film Review)

Not all of our competitors have been seasoned pro's, some of our entries have been from guys just learning the tricks of the trade... and we are COOL WITH THAT... in fact we greatly ENCOURAGE IT! Here is my review of Bryan Troxell's Enlightenment.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shattered (Short Film Review)

Even the short films that don't really have much of a story... they often look like something that could be a sequence or a montage IN A FEATURE LENGTH FILM. As is the case for Henry Munoz's "Shattered".

Hot Chick Of The Day: Lana Tourniquet

Check Out  Today's Hot Chick Of The Day, Lana Tourniquet.

Strength Of Flesh (Short Film Review)

A lot of the short films that we have received thus far have been "Effects Driven", but very few have been CHARACTER/PERFORMANCE Driven.... well we finally have one and it is a SERIOUS CONTENDER. Here's my review on Strength Of Flesh.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Braulio Estima Vs. Nick Diaz- Superfight (Pre Fight Video)

Productivity Climbs wages STAGGER!


Bullied Teen Hangs Self

Our Condolences to the family.

Pastor Sean Harris (Closet Homosexual) is at it again

Here is his response to what he said... he's a back tracking little cunt.

God Bless America (Trailer)

Noir (Short Film Review)

What do you do when you find yourself unable to obtain a crew, but still want to make a short film? If you are Glenn Brughmans... you do it yourself. Here is what I think about this "One Man Band's" film... Noir.

Marcelo Garcia Vs Gabriel Gonzaga

Here is an awesome match between two legends!

Pier Collapses During Photoshoot

"The Dictator" On Jon Stewart!

Day 47 (Short Film Review)

Another amazing submission! In a nutshell this film reminds me of a more intense, BRITISH version of the opening of Saw. Here is my review of Johan Neethling's "Day 47".

90 Year Old Man PULLS GUARD against ARMED ROBBER

I personally believe that the Guard Jump is the most UNDER Utilized Weapon in both MMA and Grappling Competitions... however it can also be used in other situations... This 90 Year Old Customer, used it to stop an Armed Robber... CHECK IT OUT!

Washington Man Punched For Giving Compliment

PUYALLUP, Washington —

A 21-year-old Puyallup man is in a coma after prosecutors said he was punched twice for making a comment about the rims on another man's car.

James Foster remains in Tacoma General Hospital on life support with severe head injuries.

Pierce County Prosecutors said Foster was punched by 25-year-old Daman Lehman outside a Puyallup bar Friday after he complimented the rims on a car Lehman was riding in.

"He loves cars, and he said, 'Nice car. What kind of rims you got on there?' and (Lehman) said, 'That's a stupid question,' and he hit him," James' father, Darrell Foster said.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Suge Knight says Dr. Dre is gay!

Mom And Daughter Held Up With Knife

Infernal Gluttony, A Love Story (Short Film Review)

One of the unmentioned reasons that I wanted to do this Film Festival, is to see movies that are far outside of the norm... and David Charbonneau's Delivers JUST THAT. Check out my review!

Tan Mom Becomes Action Figure

Danny Roane On Netflix Instant Que!

Andy Dick's (AKA Our Number 1 Supporters) Directorial Debut, "Danny Roan: First Time Director" is currently streaming on the Netflix Instant Que... but you can only see it until July.

I highly recommend seeing this one.

Hot Chick Of The Day- Efflectum

Check out the Hot Chick Of The Day, Efflectum!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Peace & Dance- Short Film Review

Patrick Loy has graced us with two very entertaining Experimental Short Films, but now we get to see his Documentary Skills. Here's what I think of Peace & Dance.

I AM ANA- Short Film Review

I'm going to state that you can submit AS MANY SHORTS as you want :), this is Patrick Loy's second submission (with a third on the way). Even though, I can never quite tell, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON in his work, I find myself unable to blink! Here's my review of I AM ANA!

Out Of A Limb- Short Film Review

This is our second submission into our Online Short Film Festival! Part of the reason why I am doing this is to reinvigorate my love of independent cinema and thanks to fun shorts such as "Out Of A Limb", My balls are starting to tingle (in a good way).

Natural Ways To Boost Testosterone

Typically when the untrained person thinks of the word "Testosterone" they associate it with a bad 1980's after school special that involves a guy beating the shit out of his girlfriend and selling drugs to pay for steroids. What a lot of people don't realize (surprisingly) is that ALL MALES HAVE TESTOSTERONE, whether they work out or not... and its OKAY, in fact their are MORE BENEFITS THEN NEGATIVE EFFECTS.

When someone goes to the EXTREME of taking anabolic steroids to increase their testosterone levels, they experience amazing gains in Strength, Muscle Size, and Testosterone/Hormonal Level Increases... HOWEVER, they open themselves up for a world of unwanted side effects, Acne, Estrogen Build Up (leading to "Bitch Tits"), hair loss, etc.

But there are a lot of NATURAL WAYS, FREE OF SIDE EFFECTS that will help you boost your testosterone levels.

Bill Mahr's Dancing With The Stars Audition

Leaked Documents: Plans For Re-Education Camps In The US!

As we get very close to becoming a full blown SOCIALIST nation... our Government is already making plans to move us all the way back to NAZI GERMANY. Get your passports ready folks, shit is gonna get FUCKED!

Eddie Bravo Breaks Down Alan Belcher's Twister Attempts

Avengers: $654 Million Worldwide!

The Avengers pulled in $200 Million  in the states this weekend and $654 Million around the World. Looks like I'm gonna have to do a review of this film relatively soon!

The Call #20- Tina Krause

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Paralyzed Football Player Signed To Bucs!

There might just be hope for the world :)

Hot Chick Of The Day: Luna Vary

Photo By Ray Thomas

Check Out The Hot Chick Of the Day, Luna Vary!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Ride (2012)- Short Film Review

The Ride is the very first entry in our First Annual Short Film Festival and I must say... The BAR has been set and it is pretty damn high! Read the review below!

We're Making An RPG!

Communism... IT DOESN'T WORK!

Large or Small Scale Communism doesn't work! Hard work does not drive society to try hard, people are LAZY AS FUCK, what drives people is the INCENTIVE to work hard. If you were a doctor that did 10+ years of schooling, but you ended up making the same amount of money as the guy working at McDonald's... would you be in much of a rush to find the cure for cancer? More then likely... NOT!

There is a popular story of an experiment in a College Classroom... basically a teacher says, EVERYONE WILL GET THE SAME GRADE NO MATTER WHAT. At first all of the students were happy, especially the lazy students, but here is how the experiment went down:

Hot Chick Of The Day: Courtney

Check out our Hot Chick Of The Day, Courtney

Diaz beats Miller/ Mayweather Gets Decision Over Cotto

This Cinco De Mayo had much more to offer then dumb white women getting drunk enough to show their tits, it offered up two action packed events coming in the form of boxing and mixed martial arts. It may not have been the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight that us boxing fans have been drooling over (since its conception), but Mayweather's tactical win over Miguel Cotto (the relatively larger opponent) showed an amazing display of "The Sweet Science" and with MASSIVE Pay Per View Numbers, it proved that BOXING IS NOT DEAD... YET! Floyd Mayweather Jr. won by Unanimous Decision... HE IS NOW CALLING OUT PACMAN!

In the realm of Mixed Martial Arts... Fox Sports Fans got everything that they could have ever wanted with the Nate Diaz and Jim Miller match-up! The Diaz Brothers are exactly what the world of Mixed Martial Arts needs... to pot smoking, shit talking personalities, that can LAY MOTHER FUCKERS OUT! Nate Diaz quickly took control of the Octagon and controlled the outside action (with the help of his six inch reach advantage), when Jim Miller found his way to the inside (and managed to get the clinch)... NATE DIAZ LANDED THREE TIMES THE AMOUNT OF SIGNIFICANT STRIKES on the inside. Half Way into the second round, Diaz finished Miller (for the first time in his career) with a very aggressive GUILLOTINE! Dana White has expressed that Nate Diaz SHOULD BE the next person in line to get a title shot against Ben Henderson!