Friday, June 22, 2012

Hot Chick Of The Day: Marie Mannequin

Check out today's Hot Chick Of The Day, Marie Mannequin!
khris MTV pilot ideas #1

now, MTV is well known for taking garbage and somehow turning that garbage into an even bigger more smelly heap of garbage, which is why i have a few ideas i would like to pitch to them

idea number 1: they get 20 virgins and one hot chick, and they put them on an island, sounds good so far right? now here's where things get interesting, the virgins have to fight to the death to try to get ..... you guessed it... f**ked .. it would kind of be like the hunger games except instead of riches and fame, the winner gets some tang. What would it be called? "the virgin island"

Sandusky Found Guilty of 46 of 48 Charges Of Sexual Abuse

Jerry Sandusky (Former Penn State Defensive Coordinator) was found guilty today of 46 out of 48 charges of sexual abuse... meaning that he will likely be spending the rest of his life in Prison... where (if placed in General Population) his ass will be tossed around like a hacky sack! May he serve the remainder of his life in Jail and the rest of eternity in one of the religious hells.

On a serious note, JUSTICE WAS SERVED TODAY. Nothing can ever or will ever fully repair the damage that was caused to these children, but at least this sick fuck can't destroy anymore lives. My condolences to the families that had to suffer through this ordeal! RESPECT to those who had the courage to come out and point out this monster!

Morgan Freeman Banging His Step GRAND Daughter!

Morgan Freeman has been with his 27 year old Step Grand Daughter for 10 years now, making her 17 (...and him 72) when they first got together. I still think he is a great actor, but I'd like to see him Narrate himself out of this one.

Fedor Retires!

Fedor "The Last Emperor" Emelianenko after setting the standard for Heavyweight Fighters for nearly two decades has decided to retire after knocking out fellow Legend Pedro Rizzo in (presumably) the last bout of his career.

Fedor terrorized the World's Best Heavyweights in the world despite having the body of a guy that sat around and drank beer all day and constantly being criticized as "TOO SMALL" for Heavyweight. His Highlight Reel has some of the most brutal knock outs in MMA History.

Cheers to you Fedor for leaving us with so many great memories. We never got to see you versus Couture... but I'll give that a pass.

Boise Bar Fight (Footage)

A drunk guy (under the legal age) was politely asked to leave the bar, but he decided to fight back. Eric Morrison (editor of Tetherball), happened to be there with his camera and caught the entire incident. 100% Real. The kid should/could have walked away... but then we wouldn't get this juicy drama :)

Kid Gets Spanking For Banging A Guy's Daughter

A father catches a kid banging his daughter, so he gives him a brutal spanking. Part of me finds this funny, part of me finds this a bit homo-erotic. You be the judge folks.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hot Chick Of The Day: Melanie Clarke

Check out today's Hot Chick Of The Day, Melanie Clarke!

"All Illegal Drugs Are Bad"

She can't even answer the most basic questions. This is funny to watch! JUST ANSWER THE HONEST QUESTIONS! For the record, I do not smoke weed, but there is much worse shit out there. FOR THE RECORD Heroin and Meth are more addictive then Marijuana.

Road Rage Fight

So apparently this took place in the middle of a freeway in CA. What do you guys think of this? Personally, if you needed your buddy to jump in and save you... you didn't win the fight!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Child Molestation Victim Gets Revenge... 30 years later

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) -- A man allegedly molested three decades ago by a priest was arrested Friday on charges that he lured the clergyman to the lobby of a Jesuit retirement home and beat him in front of shocked witnesses, authorities said.

William Lynch, 43, was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon for the May 10 attack that sent the Rev. Jerold Lindner to the hospital with bruises and lacerations, said Sgt. Rick Sung, Santa Clara County sheriff's spokesman.

Lynch harbored a fantasy for years of confronting the priest, who also allegedly molested his little brother.
Sung said Lynch attacked the 65-year-old priest after he failed to recognize him at the Jesuits' Sacred Heart retirement home in Los Gatos. The attack occurred in a small room adjoining the lobby.
"They're saying it was pretty close to beating him to death," defense attorney Pat Harris told The Associated Press. "They're essentially saying that he waited all these years and then took out his revenge. It's sort of the ultimate revenge story."

Lynch and his younger brother settled with the Jesuits of the California Province, a Roman Catholic religious order, for $625,000 in 1998 after alleging that Lindner abused them in 1975 during weekend camping trips in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Hot Chick Of The Day: Vanessa Giselle

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hot Chick Of The Day Adrianna Marie

Check out today's Hot Chick Of The Day, Adrianna Marie!

MMA Referee Knocks Out Cornerman

Referees take a lot of verbal abuse through out their job. It seems like no matter what call they make someone will be pissed about it. This referee wasn't take anymore shit. Not sure why the cornerman was even pissed cause the stoppage looked legit to me.

Monday, June 18, 2012

We're All A Bunch Of Pussies!

I've been doing Martial Arts since the age of four years old, I have a second degree black belt in Taekwondo, I had a respectable Golden Gloves Boxing Record, and I currently hold a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.... but I'm a fucking worthless pussy. I was on a hike with a friend the other day, we were walking and I saw in the distance something that could have been a Coyote, the person that I was walking with stayed directly still... I started to turn around as though I was about to run away... like a little bitch. THANKFULLY for my sake, it was just a deer and it ran off... had it been a Coyote its Predator instinct would have triggered and it would have done what it was created to do... EAT ME!

This situation got me thinking, if everything went away... Electricity, Technology, Transportation, etc.... How long would we survive for?

Recently someone introduced me to a book entitled "One Second After" that answered this question. (SPOILER ALERTS)

Savages Trailer

Trailer to Oliver Stones next movie, it looks pretty fucked!

Michael "Mayday" McDonald HL

     Michael "Mayday" McDonald

I really gave this guy zero chance when he faced off with Miguel Torres. Boy did he prove me wrong. Here's a nice little Highlight of "Mayday". I wont be surprised if he does some big things in the bantamweight division. 

The LA Riot Spectacular - 2006 Trailer

Remember when Emilio Estavez "went indy" this was one of the films that he made... it was downright brilliant. A big thank you has to go out to Josiah Taylor for bringing this to my attention! It's free to watch on the instant que and I believe that its under 80 minutes!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Obama Heckled By Reporter

The Heckler comes in at about 6:30

RIP Rodney King

Yesterday, Rodney King was found dead in the Pool in his California Home. To most, Rodney King will go down in the History Books for bringing light to Police Brutality, that is very true... but the 1992 incident was brought to the light, due to a guy with a home video camera... he truly had one of the first VIRAL VIDEOS.

Anyways his death is a tragedy and our condolences to the family. Below are some videos that we found on youtube.

Sergio Pettis Picks Up Submission Win At Legends Of Fighting Championship

Even though there was no UFC this weekend, there was still quite a few amateur and pro fights going on around the country. Duke Roufus product 125 lber Sergio Pettis, little brother of "Showtime" Anthony Pettis,  entered the cage tonight with a perfect 4-0 record. Well he walked right back out with a perfect record, improving to 5-0 as a pro. With the win Sergio picked up a contract with Tachi Palace Fighting Championship. Since the UFC opened up the 125 weight class in March, I don't think it will be long before we see "The Phenom" Sergio Pettis on the big stage under the bright lights of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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