Friday, June 29, 2012

Obamacare Explained

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We're Way Too Connected!

This article may share some similarities to my "We're All Pussies" article, however... I find that what I'm about to say is 100% True. Just as Terminator 2 predicted, we are all slowly turning into slaves of technology. In the past decade, certain skills (in my life) have diminished... Such as:

I can't remember phone numbers anymore (CELL PHONES).

I can't remember birthdays (FACEBOOK)

I can't remember street names/directions very well (GPS)

And if you were to dare put me into a Library and have me research anything... good luck with that (GOOGLE/WIKIPEDIA)

All of this connectivity is great in some ways... easier to access information, quicker to call people, etc. However, based on the fact that technology evolves by 2x every year, it is scary to think what other basic skills we will forget down the road.

Once again... WE ARE FUCKED!

Hot Chick Of The Day: Chrissy Marie

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Workout Of The Day: Upper Body

Since I am lifting to improve my Jiu Jitsu Performance and I also want to stay shredded. My workout today consisted of mixing kettle bells, standard lifts, and bodyweight exercises. I typically lift weights in the morning time because I do Jiu Jitsu in the afternoon and the evening. Here is the workout:

Kettlebell Swings 4x12-15
Hammer Curls (light weight) 4x20

One Arm Dumbell Rows 4x 8-12
One Arm Clean/Press with Kettlebell 4x 8-12
Alternating DB Curls 4x20

Pull Ups (switching hand variations with each set) 4x Failure
Vbar Push Downs 4x 12-15

Deadlift to Highpull with Kettlebell 4x12-15
Dumbell Curls (alternating hammer and regular every rep) 4x 20

This one really helps out with my explosiveness, which is a key factor in Jiu Jitsu or Athletic Competition! Try it out and let me know what you think.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Ron Paul is what America needs, we all want freedom and liberty and he is our chance. In this video he talks about some really cool shit and notice how he always says "we" as we as a movement together. If Ron Paul wins we all win.

Luke Tuskes

I've Never Seen Back To The Future (All The Way Through)

Yesterday, there wasn't an hour that went by, where somebody on Facebook didn't change their Cover Page to the above image, which is a throwback to the Back To The Future Movies. On June 27th, 2012, fan's of the 1985 film lived in Nostalgia, whereas I had to use Wikipedia just to get the fucking reference! That's right folks, I have never seen Back To The Future all the way through... now you think less of me... and I am okay with that.

Social Gaming is a Crock of Shit!

I've never got into the Farmville Craze, I feel that if you're spending anywhere from 2-3 hours a days building  a fictional farm... you need to re-check your priorities, and probably get a fucking life. Now I can understand why some people would enjoy social games...

They take 10 minutes (unless you have a borderline obsession)

You get to watch something grow over the course of time.

Since a lot of these games require that you spam your friends to progress in levels, it can sometimes connect you better with those around you.

However, my problem with Social Games doesn't lie with the users... (if you like these retarded games, its your life, I'm not one to judge) my problem lies with the fact that they LACK INNOVATION! Farmville was a ground breaking concept, the problem is, is that it created a Business Module that was easy to copy... most Social Networking games use the following format to suck you in and try to take your hard earned cash:

ohhh china you silly bitches.

its incredible to think that some people still dont know the difference between a mushroom and a rubber sex toy.

Luke Tuskes.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mugger vs. Ultimate Fighter

The ending is golden and is backed hard.

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Oreo Multi Colored Multi Sexual

Ohp... Here come's the insane religious nuts.

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Fucking Shit Up!

I'm here to fuck shit up!

Joe Rogan Awarded 10th Planet Black Belt

Tonight Eddie Bravo tweeted "I just gave @joerogan his 10th Planet black belt". Considering that Joe has reportedly trained since 1996, it has been a long haul for him... we here at, wish Joe a well deserved Congratulations on a monumental achievement! PICTURES COMING SOON (AS SOON AS WE FIND THEM!)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I HATE VEGANS (Short Film Review)

I HATE VEGANS, won my heart over from the title itself. The actual film was executed quite nicely! Here is what I thought of it as a whole:

Overexposed (Short Film Review)

Watch it here

It wouldn't let us embed this film (for whatever reason)...  So click the above link to watch it. Anyways, I am a sucker for the "It Might Be Real" Genre of Horror. I felt that this short film had a great set up to it and it had some deliciously scary moments. I'd like to say that the motivation was The Toxic Avenger, but who knows.

Rating this one 3.9 out of 5.

Apart (Short Film Review)

Some films grace us with vibrant shots of colorful backdrops and some films show beautifully gruesome gore... in Ryan Farmer's third entry into our festival... he has blessed us with both. During the course of this entire short film, I was never able to blink! Here is what I thought of the film.

Lilka (Short Film Review)

Telling a story in five minutes is TOUGH, but try telling a story in 5 minutes, WITH ONLY 36 HOURS TO COMPLETE THE ACTUAL PROJECT. Ryan Farmer and his Elite Team took on this challenge and the end result... was Lilka a short film about Two Jews fleeing Nazi Warsaw! Here is what I thought of the film.

Beguile (Short Film Review)

I was starting to think that people had forgot about our lil old film festival, but then Ryan Farmer hit me up with this AMAZING SHORT FILM. Here is what I thought about it.

Hot Chick Of The Day Marlyse Londe

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