Saturday, July 07, 2012

Silva Vs. Sonnen 2: 2 Outcomes...

Back in August of 2010, Chael Sonnen was undoubtedly one minute and fifty seconds away from dethroning UFC Middleweight Title Holder Anderson "The Spider" Silva, but due to Silva's Jiu Jitsu training under the Nogueira Brothers... Chael Sonnen was caught in a Triangle Choke and missed his opportunity of title contention. Silva claimed to be injured when he took on Chael the first time around... and part of me has to believe it.

 An MMA Bout can go many ways once the cage door is closed, however with this particular bout, I really only seeing it going one of two ways.

Friday, July 06, 2012


What's happenin Nitro-blitzer's

I figured I'd introduce myself cuz my first post was basically me discussing the pro's and cons of porn without addressing who I am...

My name is Cody, I'm a 23 year old recent college grad who is basically a kaleidoscope of personality traits that appeal to blogging. I was a film major so I have seen all those lame foreign films and know proper lighting and all that biz but I try to turn off my 'film-snob' part of my brain, however I'm going to go apeshit with posts and reviews of the Dark Knight Rises.

I played Quarterback in high school and was going to play college before I quit because I was an immature punk and also aspiring rapper (I'm white) and kind of threw that opportunity away. However I'm a huge sports fan mainly football, basketball, baseball and MMA. I called a bunch of D-1 Basketball games in college on FM radio so I am going to provide a bunch of sports posts. I'm a workout nut so I'll also have a shit ton of annoying facts to tell you what to do (mainly cold shower therapy and fish oil pills). I'm also a pervert so I'll be discussing my insights on women and all that...

Just thought I'd introduce myself a little bit so as I post more over the next couple of weeks you all won't be confused..and a shoutout to Rick for the opportunity I'm really stoked to be on board...

I will have my podcast up within a week or two also so make sure to check it out... 


Thursday, July 05, 2012

The American Gangster At His Finest :)

with the end of the world approaching

Everyone should take the time to keep their bodies in peak physical and mental condition. I support and use alpha brain everyday and I know that it works. click the link and check out the store and give your body the nutrients it needs to perform at its best. of course if you don't like it you can just send it back and get your money back in return.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Holy Land (Short Film Review)

Entry #31 offers us the same experience as a 1970's acid trip. It features solid camera and editing transitions, and I liked the choice of Music... Giving this one 3.4 out of 5.

Los Angeles Times (Short Film Review)

As we head to the final ten days of our beloved first annual film festival... I have seen a lot of great projects, but out of those projects, I feel that very few took risks... "Los Angeles Times", a music video that just passes the two minute, forty second mark was one massive risk... that in its own weird way... PAID OFF.

Perils of Porn

The Perils of Porn
By Cody Emerson

                Like most children who grew up in the 90’s I was able to evolve as technology did. When I was thirteen I introduced to the game changing element of ‘instant messaging’. Gone were the days of having to actually approach girls I was interested in and putting myself out there while admitting I wanted to act out my animalistic instincts on them. Now they were just a few clicks of the mouse away, all from the comfort of my living room while safely deciding if they would let me feel their budding bosoms, over their Abercrombie sweaters of course.
                Other parts of the internet evolved too, namely porn. When I was in middle school the porn industry was sloppy and ‘stars’ weren’t really a thing outside of Jenna Jameson. Now as a 24 year old red-blooded American male, porn is a staple of sanity for many men my age. It is unhealthy to walk around in the world with a bunch of ‘poison’ in your system and porn allows you to release any added tension or aggravation without having to text the overweight girl from high school that now works at the local supermarket at 3 a.m. Porn is great for avoiding the uncomfortable situation of using girls and then seeing them in public later, but HEED MY ADVICE: Normal girls ARE NOT porn stars, it’s always fun to see Lisa Ann accept a load to the face with open arms and smiles but the poli-sci major from the local liberal arts college might not have such a cavalier approach to wearing tapioca pudding as a face moisturizer. The same goes for aggressive sex (and yes some girls do like this which is awesome and you should hold on to them for as long as you can) but you need to make sure you’re on the same page with your lady. You can’t just mount a girl, pull her hair, throw her pants down and pound her without making sure she’s into that kind of thing or else you could have a rape charge. Most girls aren’t a result of inappropriate touching from their uncle or step father, like porn stars are, so most girls have more normal sexual boundaries.  With the advent of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ women are starting to re-embrace openly their sexual needs, but just remember that life isn’t a Brazzer’s account and with sex you need to make sure you have communication and knowledge on what the lady wants for both of your comfort, and with that in mind plus giving her some good D you should be set homie. 


Europe has ruled against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement in a land slide victory. It seems even those in politics are against the restriction of free speech on the Internet. Europe seems like they have started to break away from the United states and are pushing harder for democracy. In this instance other countries such as  Australia, Canada, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea could learn a lesson from the Europeans and  hopefully with Europe leading the way the rest of the worlds super powers will follow their footsteps in eliminating ACTA and the threat it brings to our freedom.

follow link for full story
Luke Tuskes.

Hot Chick Of The Day Rachie Buckley

 Check out today's Hot Chick Of The Day, Rachie Buckley

Pre Workouts: Great Thing... but don't be STUPID!

Hey guys, first off... I'm not you're mother, if you after reading this blog, if you want to go out and take 6x the recommended dosage... then by all means go on out there and get yourself killed.

As someone who acted like an idiot, took way too many stimulants (pre-workout and otherwise) I feel that I have a social obligation to give you guys my spiel on the matter.

First off, Pre workout supplements are an amazing thing, they give us amazing pumps, they aid our bodies in the transportation of nutrients, and for some people it just gives them the energy they need just to make it through a workout. However, within these past couple of months, two soldiers out in Iraq, took things way beyond out of control and wound up in the grave. Here are just a list of precautions to take when using Pre-Workout stimulants.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Symptoms Of A "SPAZZ"

To anyone that has been reading this blog for awhile, or has listened to my podcast, then you will know that I am very passionate about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but with all of the positive things that BJJ brings to the table (i.e. Great Exercise, Fun Community, Self Defense, etc.), there are still one or two negatives that manage to dwindle their way in... one of these negatives... is .... THE SPAZZ!

Last night, I was rolling with some elite level blue belts, but all of these guys were fun to roll with, we were rolling aggressively but no one was trying to injure eachother... after all it was a training session NOT ABU DHABI. There is a guy in the class that no one really likes, due to the fact that he is OVERLY AGGRESSIVE, but this is one of those cases where he says something like "Hey man let's go light" getting you to put your guard down, then treating the roll as though they are fighting Marcelo Garcia! Another thing that he does that people don't typically tend to care for is he will go for foot locks/heel hooks (but instead of either giving it a little pressure and letting it go, or slowly adding pressure to give you enough time to tap) he will crank it for all its worth.

Although its hard to objectively describe a Spazz, here are some symptoms/commonalities:


It's strange to think that in 2012 we are still suffering from the same propaganda that they tricked us with over 60 years ago. In an age where technology and the Internet fills our minds with new information and ideas some people still cant get their heads around marijuana. The truth is its all a lie, plain and simple. The total death count for marijuana in its thousands of years of use is zero. With the opening of medical marijuana dispensaries we have seen the positive effects of marijuana use first hand. but why is it still illegal??? why do we waste tax payers money funding these drug wars if half the time their busting weed dealers or trying to close down dispensaries??? I think people are starting to wake up and realise that weed is illegal for all the wrong reasons. The next question is what else do they lie about??? 

Luke Tuskes.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Super Street Fight Pastor 2

Religious Nuts... eat your heart out!


My running quote will forever be "Smile Your Alive", but I find myself with "Debbie Downer" moments. Tonight, just wasn't my night, I performed horribly in Jiu Jitsu (it happens), then on top of that some bad news just hit me... I was going to wait to tell this story until it had all blown over, but fuck it... I'm probably going to wind up getting fucked (in some way) either way... It's story time kids:

Kung Foo Fooey

I SWEAR PEOPLE, I really was just looking for the "HONG KONG FOOEY" Theme Song, and this came up. How did I miss this one?

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Adventures In Speed Dating...

Being to a new city on a Saturday Night can be a little depressing, especially when you are in the "Getting To Know People Stage"... but now thanks to a little website entitled you can find groups of people who are interested in similar things and... well MEET UP. I've been on the fence about this whole dating thing, due to the fact that I work full time, I run Nitroblitz, and I am working on development for my second feature length film... I'm not completely in the market of finding "Mrs. Suck The Life Out Me" just quite yet, due to the fact that committing to someone can be a full-time job in itself.

Since my friends say that I need to date more and I typically find/date crazy women, I figured WHAT BETTER WAY to get 40 Crazy Women out of the way, then to do a little SPEED DATING, found via After all, it was a Saturday, and there was no Horror or Filmmaking Meet-ups, so I figured why not... here was my experience:

Environmental Guy

Ted Movie Review

Saw it in a packed theater. It wasn't full of fourteen year old boys either. Quite a bit of nice and young female genitalia were roaming the theater with me. It was as funny as you think it could be without passing the hilarious threshold. It is too corny for its own good really. I know Macfarlane likes to be overtly corny but it just doesn't work here. Especially in the beginning and the end. Still not sure why he needed a teddy bear as the protagonist. Unique from plenty of buddy movies only because of it's animated aspects. Otherwise this was a straight buddy movie in the vein of Stepbrothers,Twins,and Wedding Crashers. No real new ground here but this was not necessarily the type of movie that wants to break new ground. Laugh out loud jokes (although my fellow audience members forced too many out) and a sure fire sequel to come. A good first effort from Seth but he set a bar low enough that he can easily overcome it's height in future efforts. A nice way to beat the hot summers air and still have a good time doing it.

3 out of 5 stars

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