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Post "Dark Knight" Tragedy- MORE CWP'S!

First off, what I am about to say in a hindsight type of thought, before I go into my theory on how we need more Concealed Weapons Permit, I would like to say that we here at wish to give our condolences to the families of the deceased, and wish a speedy recovery to those who were injured. No theory or proposition will ever bring back your loved ones, but hopefully the right people will start taking precautions to make sure that this sort of thing never happens again. The posting below is JUST AN IDEA from some guy with a blog, it's just one idea, and its one that I preached before.

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No Arm Triangle

Right now I'm a baby blue belt, my game is simple:


and so far it hasn't done me wrong, but I saw the above move and I just had to share it. This is a potent counter to the double under pass, or if someone pulls the arm out during a Triangle Choke. I can't wait to drill this.

Hot Chick Of The Day: Ana Braga

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So I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write for my first piece in NitroBlitz. At first I was having a hard time because I couldn't come up with a good topic, but then the reason was because I got distracted. I don't mean just a little sidetracked with funny pictures or flash games, I mean I completely forgot what I was doing because I found something that drew my attention to an extent that for 3 days every single time I turned on my computer I did nothing more than that. And "that" my friends, was watching street fights.

I have seen a couple of street fight videos here and there, but on a forum I frequent they have an entire thread dedicated to posting videos of fights which makes it incredibly accessible. It started as a bit of research, but the flow of the thread kept me there and by the time I noticed I had spent easily four hours just watching brawl after brawl after brawl. I couldn't stop. I was entranced. At first the shock value kept me there. But after a while I had grown desensitized and that's when I began to notice things.

Some of these altercations where silly, some where pretty vanilla and some where outright brutal. I saw almost every tipe of configuration for a fight. Dude against Dude; Chick against Chick; Dude against Chick; Mob against Dude; etc. I saw people getting knocked out, I saw blood, I saw gore and I saw death. I'm sure some day I will have to talk to a therapist about this crap in which case I'm just going to give them the link for this blog but I digress, there's an actual point to all this writing.

I must have seen easily over 2000 fight videos over a period of 4 days and maybe 1% of the fights I saw where justified. That's foken insane! I'm sure in each and every fight that has happened and will ever happen the people duking it out feel like that is the only option, but from an outside point of view, rationally none of those people should have put themselves in that position. It's kind of weird for me to feel that way because I spent a good time of my youth fighting, hell I even beat up a 16 year old boy and a 46 year old man in the matter of a week a few years ago (I'm not proud of it, but it's a great story I'll save for another blog), so I understand it's pretty hypocritical to stand here and preach that violence isn't the answer, but maybe it was watching the sillyness of all those people getting hurt for things like $5 dollars or flirting with the wrong girl or being too drunk and belligerant made me realize that if I'm going to be in a fight in a world that records every foken aspect of your life, that shit better be for a good reason.

I don't know if age is doing its thing on me and I'm getting responsible. I remember having a bad temper until they day I bought a gun. The realization that if an idiot like me could carry a weapon around then maybe anyone else could too kind of took away some of that teenage cockiness and sass. Also I started playing Rugby which really helped by allowing an outlet for any aggression in a pitch where it's actually useful. Lately I took up Gracie Jiu Jitsu while Rugby is off season and this has truly cemented my perspective.

The reality of the situation is that from the Ancient Martial Arts Masters to every single Kung Fu flick I have ever seen, the old badass always had it right. We learn to fight, so that we don't have to. Spend some time looking up street fights and see if you reach the same conclusion as I did. There's nothing positive or rewarding about a fight without legitimately worthy purpose. I leave you with my favorite worthwhile fight. enjoy. GOOD TIMES!


Mark Munoz With Some Battle Scars

A couple pictures of Mark Munoz after getting completely DESTROYED by Chris Weidman about a week ago at the main event of UFC on Fuel TV 4.

Renan Barao..The Next BW Champion?

I really can't call who is going to come out of this fight with the win. I'm leaning towards Faber but I'm absolutely not counting Barao out of this one. Holy shit I wouldnt want to be hit by this guy. His only loss is by way of Decision in his pro debut.

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Rhonda Rousey Naked

She's no Gina Carrano... but I don't think very many guys would kick her out of bed :)

Rancid- If I Fall Back Down :)

First Online Film Festival- Submissions Closed

Well folks, it has been a fun old time reviewing in the neighborhood of 40 entries, but this is the time where the rest of the panelists are going to rate the films... the highest score will win $500... 2-5th place will receive T-Shirts :)

This wasn't the whopping success that I thought it would be, but atleast we were able to display some really great short films! You can see the entries in our Reviews Section.

Hot Chick Of The Day- Megan Cash

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Rener Gracie Vs. 21- Swat Team Members!

This is why you don't fuck with the Gracie Family! Rener effortlessly takes out 21 well trained Swat Team Members/Soldiers!

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I love it when...

Someone asks me how to get into shape (when we are standing by a fat forty year old who hasn't worked out since grade school) and I am interrupted while trying to give the person advice. It's always a fat guy too!

Hot Chick Of The Day- Ksenia Dzhalaganiya

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5 Things That Scared Me Away From Prison!

From a young age, I have always hung out with troublesome characters (petty thieves, drug dealers, ANDY DICK), but I have managed to stay out of trouble. I'd like to say that it was because I am a naturally decent human being (that is part of the reason), but I would have to say that a big part of it has to do with TV Shows and Movies, showing what happens to a blonde haired blue eyed white boys behind bars. Here are the five things that kept me out of trouble.