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Higgs Boson

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Looking For Interns :)

Right now, we are currently at 22k FB Followers and we are only getting bigger... with more growth comes more work... unfortunately, I am working 10 hour days and training BJJ 2-3x a day. So I am looking for 3 Bad Ass Interns that want to bulk up their resumes, or climb the chain (that is currently being constructed).


You'll be in charge of maintaining our Facebook, Google +, and Youtube Channel... Keeping everything up to date, while designing them to give us some high class "flare". You will not be micromanaged! You'll simply be given tasks and time frame to do them... easy enough?


We want to make "The Call" available on Youtube (free to the public), we need someone to convert the library into Youtube Videos... that's it :) Easy work, Easy Recommendation :)


You will be in charge of allotting our marketing budget and gaining Maximum Results. Right now we are growing and you will be a major factor in that growth. You'll be in charge of some major ad campaigns that are coming up!

If any of these positions interest you, please send a resume to

Hot Chick Of The Day- Audrey Dasia

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

L.A City Council votes 14-0 to ban medical marijuana shops

In the latest attempt to regulate what many say is an out-of-control proliferation of medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, the City Counted voted 14-0 Tuesday to ban pot shops. Under the ban, each of the 762 dispensaries that have registered with the city will be sent a letter ordering them to shut down immediately. Those that don’t comply may face legal action from the city. Medical marijuana activists who had packed the council chambers jeered when the vote came down. More than a dozen Los Angeles Police Department officers were called in to quell them. Under the ban, medical patients and their caregivers will be able to grow and share the drug in small groups of three people or less. But the activists say most patients don’t have the time or skills to cultivate marijuana. One dispensary owner told the council that it would cost patients a minimum of $5,000 to grow marijuana at home. In a seemingly contradictory move, the council also voted to instruct city staff to draw up an ordinance that would allow a group of about 170 dispensaries that registered with the city several years ago to remain open. Councilman Jose Huizar, who voted against that motion, said it might give the public “false hope” that the ban wound not be enforced. He said the ban would be enforced, especially against problem dispensaries that have drawn complaints from neighbors. “Relief is on its way,” he said. But he acknowledged that the city may not have the resources to shut down every dispensary in the city. Councilman Paul Koretz, who initially voted against the ban, and who supported the motion to allow the oldest dispensaries to stay open, said he hoped the city would come up with a more compassionate law in the future. “We have shut off almost every way that a normal person can get access to marijuana,” he said. “It will be a ban until otherwise noted,” he said.

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Hot Chick Of The Day: Lauren K.

Check out today's Hot Chick Of The Day, Lauren K.

The Times are changing...

As a child of the 90's and now almost 24 in this crazy time, I have grown up with evolving technology. As great as technology is and for as much as it helps us, it is at the same time pushing people away from face to face communication. Gone are the days where if you had a confrontation with someone you talked about it like men or if you approached a girl and really had to put yourself out there. Now everything is a Facebook message away. Convenient? Of course, but it isn't good for building your character, confidence, or getting you to where you want to be.

Thirty years ago (I imagine) if you were into a girl you would obtain her HOME phone number. Call her up, if anyone picked up the phone you would then have to have an honest conversation and put your intentions out there. Then you would agree concretely on a time and place because neither of you have cell phones. It was a time where being dependable and reliable was much more important.

Before Seeing The Dark Knight Rises...

Nitro did a great review of the movie, I too thought it was incredible but it would be impossible to give a review without spoilers so instead I want to coach some of you on the proper mindset to have before seeing the movie.

I loved 'The Dark Knight' (the one with Joker) and have seen it over 100 times. I wrote my Senior Thesis on that movie. Watching the movie became almost a ceremonious occasion for me. It is an incredible movie but with everything that happened with Heath Ledger passing right before the movie, it became larger than just a movie.

The Dark Knight Rises was better than the Dark Knight and I'm happy that I didn't let my gargantuan expectations ruin my viewing on the third movie. I did this by having an internal monologue as I approached the theater and told myself the following:

Elvis Addressing A Crowd, while high!

This was a true legend!

The Dark Knight Rises = FUCKING BAD ASS!

With the tragedy that occurred in Colorado, the focus has been taken away from the actual film itself. Last night, I hit the 11pm screening the of the film... and I must say that it is probably one of the best films that I have ever seen. Every actor in the film had a downright brilliant performance, but the game ball definitely has to go to Joseph Gordan Levitt, who was definitely the glue that held the film together.