Saturday, March 02, 2013

Ryan Hall TORCHES Gracie Mag!

Ryan Hall is quite possibly one of my favorite grapplers in recent history. To give you a short summary of his history, for a window in time, Ryan Hall fought under the Lloyd Irvin banner, but the two cut ties a few years ago.
Since the beginning of the Lloyd Irvin drama, Ryan has been one of the more outspoken voices in the BJJ Community. Below is a letter that he wrote to Gracie Magazine:

"GracieMag is a "powerful media channel"? Ha. You are a for profit faux-journal that pushes the interests of its members and ignores anything and anyone that does not parrot your party line. There's nothing legitimate about your media.
Please continue to tell yourself whatever you need to in order to sleep at night. I find it amusing/appalling that you can't even back off your nonsense or stop patting yourself on the back for the ten seconds it would take to apologize to the people you've deeply wronged with your support of possibly the worst person that the martial arts has seen in the past decade. You should be ashamed of yourself.
It's funny that you mention a lack of information being the source of your error. I can't help but notice that there was a pretty impressive lack of information supporting Lloyd Irvin, yet you (the same guy who was speaking at his event) felt comfortable attacking the people who stood up for what is right and even went as far as to suggest that their motives were some sort of vendetta. You wrote based on your own self-interest because you are a coward and an opportunist.
Finally, your asinine suggestion that you don't want this to reflect negatively on Jiu-Jitsu is also pathetic and an obvious red herring. Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art and martial arts are composed of people. People are what was at risk, what was being abused here, you moron.
In closing, it isn't "what it is," as you suggest in your weak, spineless Facebook wall post. It's what Lloyd and people like you have made it. You are right about one thing, though: this is sad.
I hope that you will actually reflect on this situation and come out of the whole thing with a little more respect for others. I'll consider letting you off the hook when you make a public apology.
PS One more for the road: "

We here at, Salute Ryan Hall!
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