Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dear Ignorant Females #1

Dear Ignorant Females,

First off, I would like to give you an apology, you live in a society of testosterone driven BETA males, who have agreed to everything you have said since you were 13... primarily due to the fact that they want to fuck you. I am here to give you a fresh perspective on life:

#1- If you don't pay your rent, car payment, or any other bills, with money that you PERSONALLY earned... they you DON'T PAY YOUR BILLS... your parents do.

#2- If you didn't want dudes to stare/check you out.... then you wouldn't dress like a complete slut.

#3- You are not intelligent... and using the word "Like" 4+ times per second does not make you sound anymore intelligent.

#4- That guy who DOES think you are intelligent... probably hasn't fucked you yet. (Since I know you are not smart enough to put two and two together)... if/when he does, he will become a lot less interested in your story showcasing your four hour adventure in finding the right shoes.

#5- In order for you to provide use to society, you need to do one of two things... pick up a book and gather some brains... or strap a mattress to your back.

That is all :)

Signed your pal,