In 2005, I started up this blog just for shits 'n' giggles. I was around 16 years old at the time and I wasn't really didn't know what I wanted for myself, much less what I wanted for Nitroblitz.com. I was just a kid with a blog that wanted to talk about random shit. In a lot of ways, this blog gave me a voice at an awkward time in my life.

In 2006, after graduating early and realizing a life in Boise, Idaho probably wasn't the best thing for me, I decided to graduate a semester early and join the US Navy. It was there, where I learned some great life skills and saw some crazy shit... Thailand taught me some things about the female anatomy that wasn't covered in Biology Class!

The US Navy is also where I met my former partner in crime Ryan Way (who believe it or not is a Minister now, I still love him... even though he has deleted all contact with me). I truly credit him as the guy that made me believe that Nitroblitz.com could actually do some great things... but I really wasn't at the stage in my life where I wanted to turn a website into a full-time job. (I really wish I would have kicked myself in the ass sooner.

So I do the Navy thing... start off as a Deck Seaman and work my way up to being a Gunner's Mate. I hit the two year mark and the end of my contract and I decide that I like solid land and sleeping in a full sized bed. So at the end of my contract, I thanked the US Navy for allowing me to see 13 countries and called it good.

2008... I decide to fuck around in a film school environment for about a year, I never had any intention of pursuing acting (honest truth.) I was shy and hardly ever spoke a word as a child... but since my good friend Alex Vega talked me into the whole acting thing... I decided to say "Fuck It" and gave it a try... I like to think that I went from being Terrible to... PASSABLE. But a little hobby soon took over my life and I got pretty deep into acting... I managed to make my way into a few studio movies and get a few leading roles in some Indies. In 2010, I produced a feature film of my own entitled "Tetherball: The Movie" starring Ron Jeremy, Dustin Diamond, Dan "The Beast" Severn.... and  MYSELF HAHAHA (I'll go into that decision on my podcast sometime).

I wouldn't say that I am done with acting, but I will say that I probably won't be pursuing it as a profession anymore. To me its more of an Advanced Hobby as opposed to the "Fiber Of My Being"... I don't like the "Hurry Up and Wait Game" that you are constantly finding yourself having to play. I figure for some schlub from Idaho, I've accomplished enough to have some fond memories to tell the Grand Kids. I am still going to produce one film per year, but these are going to just be FUN INDY PROJECTS... like I said... it's a hobby, not a profession :)

To close this thing out. I'm also a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Keith Owen! He is probably one of the best Jiu Jitsu Instructors that you could ever have the privilege of training under. I actively compete and currently train at Bas Rutten's Elite MMA. My goal is to Win a bigger BJJ Tournament and to get my Purple Belt.

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